2018 Rides

This was 2018:

DateMe + WhoBikeKm.Trip
2283.62018 Year to Date
18-12-30MikeFX38.1Bridge, E&N EVR + Goose to Atkins. Atkins, Station, Jacklin, Westhills Trail, Goose return by Goose to Old Island and E&N EVR. Sunny at first, increasing cloud. 8 C
18-12-25MikeFX35.9Lochside School (Royal Oak), Lochside, Tulista Park (Sidney); return. Cloudy 7C
18-12-22MikeFX28.9Bridge, E&N EVR + Goose to Wale Road, return by E&N. Cloud. 8 C
18-12-15MikeFX40.2Beacon Hill, Oak Bay, Uplands, Gordon Head, San Juan, Lochside, Goose to Old Island; E&N EVR to Bridge. Cloudy, Windy. Mike had flat
18-12-08FX15.4Atkins Rest Stop, Goose, Atkins, Station, Jacklin, Westhills Trail, Goose back to start. Cloudy, 7 C
18-12-06MikeFX28.3Beacon Hill, Oak Bay, Uplands, Gordon Head, San Juan, Lochside, Sunny, 5 C
18-12-02MikeFX29.4Bridge, E&N EVR + Goose to Wale Road, return by Goose. Cloud, some sun. 8 C and sea breeze.
18-11-25MikeFX40.7Beacon Hill, Oak Bay, Uplands, Gordon Head, San Juan, Lochside, Goose to Old Island; E&N EVR to Bridge
18-11-12FX52.9Bridge, Goose, Interurban, Wallace, Stelly's X, E. Saanich, Central Saanich, Mt Newton X, Lochside
18-11-10FX29.5Bridge, Goose to Wale Road, return by E&N EVR. Cool clear day. 9 C and sea breeze. I needed a layer of light fleece and leg covering. The trip from the Bridge to Old Island Highway is about 1.1 Km less along E&N EVR than along the Goose.
18-11-08MikeFX28.2Beacon Hill, Oak Bay, Uplands, Gordon Head, San Juan, Lochside, Bridge. Sunny, 10 degrees. Still warm enough for shorts and light shell.
18-11-04MikeFX47.4Sunny autumn day. Bridge, E&N EVR, Goose, Interurban to Quayle, crossed West Saanich on Beaver Lake Rd., lakeside trail to Brookleigh, crossed Pat Bay Highway on Sayward, connected to Cordova Bay Rd and Lochside trail at Mattick's.
16-10-22FX28.9Foggy day in James Bay, parts of Oak Bay. Sunny in Saanich. Beacon Hill, Fairfield, Oak Bay, Uplands, UVic, San Juan, Lochside
18-10-21MikeFX48.3Lochside School (Royal Oak), Lochside, Sidney, Airport Trail, return. Sunny 15 degrees, still weather for shorts.
18-10-18MikeFX35.5Bridge, E&N EVR, Goose to Veterans'; Return
18-10-15FX28.9Beacon Hill, Fairfield, Oak Bay, Uplands, UVic, San Juan, Lochside, Bridge
18-10-06FX40.5Bridge, Goose to Sooke Road, back by E&N EVR from Old Island Highway. Sunny, cool.
18-09-29MikeFX39.5Fairfield, Oak Bay, Uplands, U Vic., San Juan, Goose, E&N EVR from Old Island Highway to Bridge
18-09-26Mike, SteveFX25.0Bridge, E&N EVR, Goose
18-09-23MikeFX40.3Bridge, E&N EVR, Goose, InterUrban, Quail, Beaver Lake Road, Elk Lake Road, Royal Oak, Lochside.
18-09-16FX36.3Bridge, Goose, InterUrban to Camosun; Camosum and VI Tech, Markham, W. Saanich, Royal Oak to Lochside; N to Cordova Bay (Mattick's), back to Bridge; Rainy day, sunny breaks in PM and wind.
18-08-25MikeFX36.8From Lochside School; Lochside to Sidney. Cool, steady light showers
18-08-19FX40.6Beacon Hill, Fairfield, Oak Bay, Uplands, UVic, San Juan, Lochside, Goose to Old Island, E & N VRB
18-08-18MikeFX46.8From Royal Oak (Lochside School) Lochside to Sidney, Flight Path (Airport) Loop, return. Sunny, moderate temperature, good breeze
18-08-12MikeFX56.2Bridge, Goose, Interurban to Saanichton, Wallace and Amity to Lochside; Lochside and Goose back . Cloudy, 18 C. South wind.
18-08-11MikeFX24.2Bridge, E&N EVR to Old Island, Goose back downtown; caught in a shower for 19 km.
18-08-06MikeFX40.3Beacon Hill, Fairfield, Oak Bay, Uplands, U Vic, San Juan Parkway, Lochside to Swing Bridge, Goose to Old Island; E & N Esquimault to the Bridge; sunny.
18-08-04MikeFX49.0Lochside from McKenzie (Don Mann) to Tsehum Harbour, Sidney with Hunt Valley. Sunny, moderate temperature and wind
18-07-29FX61.7Bridge, Lochside to Sidney, part of Flight Path, back by Lochside. Sunny, hot.
18-07-28MikeFX35.8Bridge, E&N EVR, Goose to Veterans, back the same way
18-07-14MikeFX37.6From Don Mann; Lochside to SwingBridge, Goose, Interurban, Quayle, Beaver Lake, Park trail, Oldfield, E. Saanich, Mount Newton X, Lochside
18-07-07MikeFX42.2From Don Mann; Lochside to Tulista, Sidney and back
18-07-02FX52.6Beacon Hill, Fairfield, Oak Bay, Uplands, U Vic Ring, Gordon Head, San Juan, Lochside to Sayward/Welch/Hunt/Martindale to Ocean View (Michells) , back by Lochside and downtown, ended by going down Simcoe to Cloudy at first; then sunny but still cool.
18-07-01MikeFX32.3Bridge, E&N EVR, Goose, E&N Langford, Goldstream, Wale, Goose. Cool, windy
18-06-24FX52.6Bridge, Goose, Interurban to Saanichton, Mt. Newton X Road to Lochside; Lochside and Goose back . Cloudy, 20 C. Brisk south wind.
18-06-23MikeFX22.4Bridge, E&N EVR , Goose back in.
18-06-16Mike (part)FX54.2Beacon Hill, Fairfield, Oak Bay, Musgrave, Uplands, UVic, San Juan, Lochside to Island View (Michell's Farm); return by Lochside, Goose, Bridge. Clear, sunny, 20 degrees. Almost hot.
18-05-26FX64.2Bridge. Goose, Interurban, Wallace, Saanichton, Mt Newton X, Lochside, San Juan, UVic, Uplands, Oak Bay, Beacon Hill
18-05-21MikeFX24.7Bridge, E&N EVR, Goose back in; Victoria Day - cloudy, with parade on Douglas and F-18 flyover.
18-05-19Mike (part)FX78.9Bridge, E&N EVR, Goose to SwingBridge, Lochside to Royal Oak, Elk Lake Road, Lakes trail, Oldfield, East Saanich, part of airport loop, Sidney, Lochside; Cloudy day, a bit cool; moderate to brisk E, ESE and SE winds
18-05-16FX41.5Beacon Hill, Fairfield, Oak Bay, Musgrave, Uplands, UVic, San Juan, Lochside to Cordova Bay (Mattick's Farm); return by Lochside, Goose, Bridge. Clear, temperate evening
18-05-13FX64.2Bridge, E&N EVR, Goose to Interurban, Interurban to Saanichton, Wallace to Lochside, Lochside and Goose back. Sunny. 24 C. UV 7. Shorts, short sleeves. Sunscreen weather. Asphalt replaced on Lochside south of Claremont. E&N now paved past Esquimault lands to shopping center
18-05-06FX57.4Bridge, Goose, Interurban to Saanichton, Wallace to Lochside, Lochside to Cy Hampson; Lochside and Goose back. Sunny most of the day. 20 C.
18-04-29FX41.5Beacon Hill, Fairfield, Oak Bay, Uplands, U Vic Ring, Gordon Head, San Juan, Lochside to Cordova Bay (Matticks), Return by Lochside, Goose. cloudy, cool
18-04-22FX58.6Beacon Hill, Fairfield, Oak Bay, Uplands, U Vic Ring, Gordon Head, San Juan, Lochside to Ocean View (Michells), back by Lochside and downtown, ended by going down Simcoe to Montreal and back up Niagara. Sunny but still cool.
18-04-15FX61.3Bridge, Lochside, Royal Oak, Elk Lake Road, Lake trail, Oldfield, Mt Stelly X, E. Saanich, Wallace, Lochside. Government, Dallas. Should be end of the Niagara Street pipe pull. Cloudy, cool.
18-04-07FX52.4Bridge, Goose, Interurban to Saanichton, Mt. Newton X Road to Lochside; Lochside and Goose back . Cloudy, 13 C. . Brisk south wind. Shorts but a bit chilly at times.
18-04-02FX45.8New (Blue) Bridge, E&N EVR, Goose, E&N Langford to Jacklin, Jenkins, Glen Lake Road and Sooke Road to Luxton, turn and return on Goose. Sunny, windy. First two crossings, in the saddle, of new Johnson Street Bridge. First crossing of new bridge over McKenzie on the Goose.
18-03-31FX30.4Beacon Hill, Fairfield, Oak Bay, Uplands, U Vic Ring, Gordon Head, San Juan, Lochside to Cordova Bay (Matticks), Return by Lochside, Goose, Stroll on new bridge (Blue Bridge replaced) on pedestrian access day/official opening; trip to GVPL Central, home by Beacon Hill and Niagara around the pipe project.
18-03-25FX51.1Blue Bridge, E&N EVR, Goose to Wale Road, Goose to Swing Bridge; Lochside to Royal Oak; return Lochside and San Juan to U Vic, Uplands, Musgrave, Monterey, Richmond, May, Beacon Hill Park. Some sunny; some overcast; 10 C, windy.
18-03-11FX52.6Blue Bridge, Goose, Interurban to Saanichton, Mt. Newton X Road to Lochside; Lochside and Goose back . Sunny, 10 C. when I started, warmed to 13. Brisk north wind. Almost warm enough for shorts.
18-03-04FX41.6Beacon Hill, Fairfield, Oak Bay, Uplands, U Vic Ring, Gordon Head, San Juan, Lochside to Cordova Bay (Matticks), Return by Lochside, Goose, Blue Bridge. Sunny, cloud moved in, moment of drizzle. Windy. 8 degrees C.
18-02-25FX29.4Beacon Hill, Fairfield, Oak Bay, Upland, U Vic, Gordon Head, San Juan. Return by Lochside, Goose, Blue Bridge.
18-02-12FX32.5Beacon Hill, May, Moss. Thurlow, Richmond, Richardson, St. Ann/Musgrave, Upper Terrace, Cedar Hill X Road, San Juan, Lochside. Sunny, clear, 5 degrees C. Wind.
18-02-10FX32.1Blue Bridge, Goose-Lochside to Cordova Bay Road (Mattick's). Sunny. 6 C. Light wind. Almost nice, but the wind had a bite. A few dozen bikes out. Some recreational riders bundle up. Some roadies in hi-tec kit. The traffic meter at Hope Point was at 620 at 2:30. New things - a fence on the parking lot at the Red Lion. Construction on Lochside near Claremont. Stop sign for bikes at Saanich Road.
18-01-010Happy New Year

Yeast, Salt, Flour

Bread baked in the Panasonic SD-YD250 bread machine does not need as much yeast as recipes other than the Panasonic manual say:

  • The yeast dispenser for a machine that will bake an extra large (2.5 lb) loaf that may take more than 4 cups of flour does not hold much more that a tablespoon;
  • Panasonic’s  recipes (in the manual; see its online recipe resource pages) call for half the amount of yeast in typical recipes:
    • 1 tsp (instead of 2 tsp or more ) for 3 cups of flour for a medium loaf;
    • 1.5 tsp. for 4.375 cups of flour for extra large loaves;
  • Medium loaves  based on The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook (“BLBMC”) and other recipe resources filled the  pan, and had airy, weak crumb; some ballooned or cratered/collapsed/imploded.

I prefer low sodium bread machine bread. 50% salt reduction doesn’t affect the process or hurt flavour.  The principle is to reduce yeast by the same percentage as salt as suggested in BLBMC at p. 290 and by the Please Don’t Pass the Salt bread page

I monitored recipes in June-August, 2018. I peeked under the lid to see what happened – including the last part of the rise phase after the machine knocked down the dough.  I made manual interventions a few times – I ran a silicon spatula between the dough and the pan 5-10 minutes just before the start of baking to gently deflate the loaf. (Using a spatula risks marring the no-stick surface of the pan. Silicon spatulas are safer.)

I adjusted yeast in BLBMC formulas for white, whole wheat, and combined flour (multigrain), and formulas requiring 2 tsp  yeast for a medium loaf (a formula with 3 cups or 15 oz. flour +/- by weight). This approach resolved the inflation problem and produced loaves that were not inflated:

  • Ignore the amount of “bread machine yeast” in a formula in the BLBMC – (BLBMC has different amounts of SAF instant dry yeast and any other “bread machine yeast”)
  • Use half the amount in the recipe for SAF instant dry yeast in a BLBMC formula (instant or “bread machine” dry yeast in other formulas not specifically written for a Panasonic machine) i.e. reduce 2 tsp. for a medium loaf to 1 tsp.
  • Weigh yeast and know the correct conversion factor – 1 tsp of instant yeast weight 2.8 grams;
  • Weigh salt and know the correct conversion factor – assume a recipe is referring to conventionally ground table salt – 1 tsp weighs 5.7 grams.

For a Panasonic recipe I cut yeast and salt equally.  For a BLBMC or other recipe I make my “Panasonic” adjustment for yeast amount above first, then I cut yeast and salt equally.  When  I use 50% of a BLBMC recipe amount of salt, I use 25% of the BLBMC recipe amount of yeast (or less).

The recipes and my notes for that round of tests are in a separate post.

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Bread Machines

Bread machines came on the market about 1986, and became popular outside Japan by the late 1990s.  My first bread machine was a Black & Decker B1561. I replaced it with a Panasonic  SD-YD250 in 2016.

Bread baked at home, whether in a machine or a conventional oven can be better than many retail offerings available in grocery markets.  A home baker can bake for dietary goals e.g. low sodium.  Lacking preservatives, home baked loaves have a shorter shelf life.

A professional baker works with technology with hundred of kilograms of flour and water, with some control over parts of the process – how long to mix, rest, bake and control over temperature. A home baker works at a smaller scale, with control of time and oven controls, and may have machines to mix dough or store it while it rises.  A home baker may put the loaves in bread pans or shape the dough by hand before baking it in the oven. A home baker needs space, several vessels or machines to mix and rest dough, baking pans and an oven.  A bread machine ends with a loaf of bread and one pan to clean.

A bread machine has a heating element, a motor, and a pan that is both mixing bowl and baking pan mounted to the frame. The bowl has a paddle shaped mixing device (it may be called a dough hook or kneader) connected to the power train by a shaft in sealed bearings at the bottom of the pan.

Bread machines have their own language. A one pound loaf would be regular in a bakery, and 1.5 pounds would be large. Bread machine manufacturers and recipe writers refer to the baked loaf as small (1 lb.), medium (1.5 lb.), large (2 lb.) and extra large (2.5 lb.). Manufacturers and retail sellers use the terms to describe the volume capacity of the pan.  Typically, a small loaf made of wheat flour would have 2 cups of flour; a medium loaf 3 cups, and a large loaf 4 cups.

The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook (Harvard Common Press, 2000) calls bread machine pans tall, vertical rectangle, and horizontal.  The tall pan has one paddle in the middle at the bottom, and may be square or oval.  A machine that makes small and medium loaves will have a “tall” pan.  A machine that makes large loaves is probably vertical rectangle or horizontal.  A machine that make extra large loaves – e.g. Panasonic 250 or 2500 models; Breville Custom Loaf XL – is probably vertical rectangle

Preparation of ingredients and loading the machine calls for attention.  Panasonic suggests meauring flour by weight and fluid down to the fluid ounce.  Beth Hensperger in the Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook, consistently with other baking books, list ingredients by volume but suggests weighing ingredients.

In bread machines, as in industrial bakeries, the product depends on the recipe, the process and accurate measurement.

A user selects a baking program or “cycle”. A basic cycle could be from 3 to 4 hours, depending on the machine. Some reviewers say a long cycle is a drawback – for customers looking for fast results. But a long cycle may bake a better loaf more consistently.

Most cycles assume and require the use of high protein wheat flour and yeast to biologically ferment dough. High protein white flour (bread flour or Canadian All Purpose flour) and regular grind whole wheat flour (coarse ground is available) are similar in density, weight, starch and protein but form gluten, ferment, rise and bake differently. Whole wheat flour has bran and wheat germ. In traditional baking, it has to be mixed longer to distribute fluid and ensure hydration. There are different approaches to kneading, with some favouring less and others more. The BLBMC and some sources assume that a whole wheat bake cycle involves a longer kneading time and a longer rise. A longer kneading time may not be the case for all machines. For instance, in the Panasonic the SD-YD250 the whole wheat cycles have shorter kneading times that the basic cycles.

Most bread machines have cycles for basic baking (white flour) and whole wheat baking, and dough cycles that omit the final baking phase. Many machines have a cycle manufacturers call Bake (Rapid), Turbo, Quick Bake, Rapid, etc. for fast fermentation. Most machines have a cycle that bakes or mixes and bakes batter.  This may be called “bake cake” but is appropriate for bread leavened with baking powder or baking soda.

The machine will count down minutes and seconds to the conclusion of the cycle in the timer display, but the display will probably not provide other indications of the machine’s progress. Many bread machines appear to sit and do nothing for a half hour or an hour after being started in a rest phase. Some machines may use the heating element for a few seconds at a time, to create a warm temperature, to warm the ingredients to a common temperature.

The first active phase is mixing and/or “kneading”, about 20-30 minutes or more. The ingredients have to be mixed into dough and then worked to develop gluten. A home baker will conceptualize mixing as a separate step from kneading.  A home baker working manually will mix flour, water and other ingredients in bowl and put the dough on a surface and knead it – . stretching it, folding it on itself, pushing it and repeating the motion for several minutes. A professional baker will probably use a mechanical mixer; many home bakers may have one. A mechanical mixer or stand mixer uses mixing arms, a paddle or a spiral dough hook in a circular or elleptical motion. A mixer is controlled manually, and has a range of speeds.  With a stand mixer, the baker uses a slow speed to mix the ingredients and then mixes at a higher speed to knead. The machine has changes from rapid short pulses to longer runs, broken by short pauses. The BLBMC calls initial slow mixing Knead 1 and mix/knead Knead 2. The initial mix is only a couple minutes long. There may be a pause between these parts of the phase. The machine will not identify these steps on the machine display.

This is a critical point. If the user has not loaded the machine properly, the dough will be wrong after the initial mix. It has to be wet – enough, but not too wet.  A dry dough will not, knead, flow and rise.  A wet dough may collapse. The machine user may not see the problem; an inexperienced baker would not recognize it even if the lid was open and the use was watching. A dough may be saved by the addition of water or flour during the initial mix and before the knead/mix starts – or ruined by an excessive or untimely intervention. Ideally, the machine should be paused and then allowed to return to mixing. Stopping and restarting the machine will go back to the start of the initial rest. It will eventually get back to mixing, but time will be lost, gluten will have started to form, and some fermentation will have occurred.

Some machines have a pause function on the panel; some can be paused by pulling the plug and using the power interrupt. The machine will resume where it stopped – if it has that feature!

The designers will have set the program for what they regard as optimum handling of white flour in the “basic” cycles and whole wheat flour in the whole wheat cycles. Some machine allow users to create custom settings (e.g. the Breville BBM800XL and a few Zojirushi models).  

A shallow dive into bread baking books confirms that professional bakers with industrial mixers may use 10-15 minutes of “intensive mixing” – the mechanical mixing of yeasted white flour dough dominant in professional bakeries for French loaves until Raymond Calvel devised the hybid style in the 1960s. Intensive mixing develops gluten in white flour rapidly. Home bakers with stand mixers use slower speeds due to limitations of machinery (see the stand mixer review by America’s Test Kitchen in print and YouTube) or to use a hybrid, modified or improved mixing method.

The dough ferments in the rise phase.  The gluten relaxes and flows to fill the pan and take the shape of the pan. The yeast ferments the starch which produces gas that is trapped in little gluten balloons, which makes the dough rise. A baker divides dough and puts in oven pans. Two hours in a bread machine is short compared to the rise/rests in some artisinal baking techniques, but compares to the combined times for bulk fermentation and proofing in making bread in many bakeries.

The heating element is switched on for a bake phase in a bake cycle; there are dough cycles that stop after mixing or rising.  The dough springs into space above the dough when the baking element is turned on. The machine powers the element. The designer expects the machine to reach the right temperature with that element heating the air inside that space – there is no direct temperature control setting in most machines.

Bread machines produce good results with white flour and whole wheat flour – baked loaves, and pizza and flatbread doughs.

2016 Rides

This was 2016:


1355.12016 Year to date
16-09-18FX58.3Downtown, Lochside to Royal Oak, Beaver & Elk Lake trail, Oldfield/Seabrook to East Saanich Road into Saanichton, Wallace and Amity and across the Pat Bay; Lochside Trail and back from there by the Trail. Mixed Cloud, mainly sunny but a few scattered showers; Windy
16-09-11FX56.9Downtown. Goose to Interurban, Interurban Route to Lochside, Lochside back to downtown. Sunny after 10 AM, moderate breeze, 18 degrees C.
16-09-05FX53.7Downtown, Lochside to Royal Oak, Beaver & Elk Lake trail, Oldfield/Seabrook to East Saanich Road, Mount Newton X-Road to Lochside Trail and back from there by the Trail. Cloudy, cool, a few spritzes of rain.
16-08-210Camping, Salmon Arm
16-08-07FX42.9Blue Bridge, E & N to Goose, Goose to Swing Bridge, Lochside to Cordova Bay (Matticks). Overcast, a couiple of short misty showers.
16-08-07KA0Check old Cat Eye Velo 2; replace battery and reset to zero
16-07-31FX57.6Blue Bridge, Goose to Atkins, E & N to Jacklin to Jenkins to Glen Lake Road to Happy Valley Road to Metchosin Road to Old Island Highway to Juan de Fuca Rec Center; E & N & through downtown. Cloudy at first, then sunny with brisk winds.
16-07-240Camping in Duncan
16-07-17FX60.4Blue Bridge, E & N to Jacklin, Jacklin to Goose, Goose to Lombard. Sunny. some cloud. Light Wind
16-07-160Replace battery in Cat Eye. Reset
16-07-10FX79.2Estimated distance. Reset odometer after glitch during first 10 K. Johnson Street Bridge, E & N to Goose, Goose to Interurban, Interurban to Lochside Through Sidney to Resthaven Park; back by Lochside. Cloudy at first. Mixed sun and cloud. Moderate breeze - headwind and quartering adverse on return. Ouchy in my own driveway on arriving home.
16-07-03FX54.9Sunny and windy. Lochside to Lochside Park, Dooley to Martindale, Lochside to Island View (Michell's Farm); Lochside to downtown, Fort to Vancouver, Richardson & McNeill to Windsor Park; McNeill, Richardson & Cook to Dallas.
16-06-26FX72.2Goose to Interurban; Interurban Route to Lochside; Through Sidney to Resthaven Park; back by Lochside. Sunny and hot.
16-06-19FX67.2Lochside to Royal Oak; Royal Oak to Park; BeaveLake to W. Saanich, back to Park; Lakeside trail to Oldfield; Oldfield-Seabrook-E. Saanich Rd-Wallace-Pat NBay Overpass. Back to Lochside; Tulista Park (Sidney). Then home. Mixed sun and cloud, windy.
16-06-16FX26.3Lochside, across Royal Oak, past McMinn Park.
16-06-12FX71.2Lochside to Royal Oak; Royal Oak to West Saanich Road. West Saanich to Wallace. Held up at two points for cycling leg of Victoria Triathalon (See Route). Wallace to Lochside (near Cy Hampson). Sidney, back by Lochside. Held up by street festival on Harbour Road. Mainly cloudy, around 16-18 C. Windy.
16-06-07FX31.2Lochside to Cordova Bay (Mattick's).
16-06-05FX65.8Lochside to Royal Oak; Royal Oak to Park; Lakeside trail to Oldfield; Oldfield-Seabrook-E. Saanich Rd-Mt. Newton X Rd. (First time on Oldfield for years). Back to Lochside; Tulista Park (Sidney) and return by trail. Hot. Traffic hold ups where the road was closed for Russ Hayes races around the legislative grounds (See: Race Web site).
16-05-31FX32.1E & N to Admirals Way, back to Tyee. Lochside trail to Royal Oak. Clear warm day. Windy. Short sleeves day
16-05-29FX65.4E & N, Atkins to Jacklin, E & N and Goose to Swing Bridge, Lochside to Royal Oak, Royal Oak to Elk Lake. Around Lake, return by Lochside.
16-05-24FX23.1New ride. E & N to Highway 1. Sunny evening after a cloudy day.
16-05-22FX60.7Goose to Rocky Point Rd. , Lombard; Metchosin. Sunny, with clouds. Windy
16-05-17FX24.3Lochside to Royal Oak. Windy, cool. The counter was at >2,400 at 7:20 pm.
16-05-15FX41.9Lochside to Island View (Michell's). Cloudy, cool. Counter at 885 at 2:45 PM.
16-05-10FX31.1Lochside to Cordova Bay (Mattick's). Counter was 2600 + at 7:20.
16-05-08FX53.9Lochside to Cy Hampson, North Saanich. It started cloudy and changed to sunny and windy. Wind from the south - i.e. headwind on the return leg. The counter was at 650 at 1:40.
16-05-05FX24.4Lochside to Royal Oak. The counter was at 2,220 at 6:30 pm.
16-04-30FX45.8Goose to Luxton Fairground
16-04-25FX24.6Lochside to Royal Oak, at cycle commuter rush hour. The counter at the end of Harbour Road was at 1400 for the day when I was outbound, over 2000 on the return.
16-04-23FX41.7Lochside to Island View (Michell's)
16-04-20FX24.2Lochside to Royal Oak. Starting at 6 is too late - sun at low angle. Insects at eye level. I need new sunglasses that can adjust to low light.
16-04-17FX31.4Lochside to Cordova Bay (Mattick's)
16-04-10FX32.7Lochside to Lochside Park (Mattick's +)
16-04-03FXRe-calibrate Cat Eye. No ride. I had to get to the airport to fly to Abbotsford (and drive to Chilliwack) (work).