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These are reciples for a Panasonic SD-YD250, using whole wheat and white flour. I make comparisons to the source recipe, and annotations.  I use Bakers’ percentage (B%) and deal with flour, water, salt and yeast by weight.  My salt measurement and yeast measurement are for 50% sodium.  The yeast measurement is customized for the SD-YD 250;  it may work in a machine with similiar features and cycle but may not work in other machines.

Flax Seed Whole Wheat

My sister makes a bread machine Flax Seed Whole Wheat bread with 2.5 cups of whole wheat flour, 1 cup of white flour, oatmeal, sunflower, flax and poppy seeds, flax meal, and 1.75 cups milk.  I wanted a medium recipe with 3 cups of flour. The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook (p. 118) formula uses 1 cup whole wheat flour,  2 cups of bread flour.  So does a formula on the web Flax Seed Whole Wheat Bread. I used the latter version, with a shifted to more whole wheat flour; and added the ingredients of my sister’s recipe.

When milk, real or reconstituted (powder plus water) is used, lactose, the natural sugar in milk is added.  Sugars on the outside of the dough carmelize when the dough is baked – i.e. the crust is firm and brown. Unpasteurized milk can lead to surprizes. Some bakers think milk,  real or reconstituted, should be scalded to denature proteins that may inhibit the action of the yeast, and for other reasons. I skipped this step.

Skim milk is 96% water. Honey varies but may be 20% water

The whole wheat flour, rolled oats and flax meal absorb fluid.  The medium loaf result is was little lopsided. It had tasty firm crust; a dense crumb holds up, sliced. It needs the honey for flavour and hydration. 

The formula, by volume or weight and with B% for reference. When I depart from the source recipe, I give the recipe amount in strikeout text and my changed value in italic text in the next line.  Additions to the source recipe are italic. On whole wheat cycle.  Skim milk or skim milk powder + water; alternatives.  Not both!

IngredientMedium Loaf
Medium Weight g.75% WeightSmall (2 cup)
by Weight
Whole Wheat
1 cup
Whole Wheat2 cups278 20918661
White Flour
2 cups
White Flour1 cup1391049331
Flax meal2 tbsp129803
Rolled Oats.25 cup25191606
Flax Seed3 tbsp2.25 tbsp i.e.
2 tbsp + .75 tsp.
2 tbsp
Poppy Seed1 tbsp2.25 tsp2 tsp
Olive canola Oil2 tbsp1.5 tbsp1.34 tbsp =
1 tbsp + 1 tsp
Salt per BLBMC1 tsp
Salt @50%.5 tsp2.
Gluten per BLBMC1 tbsp
Yeast per BLBMC2 tsp
Instant Yeast *.5 tsp1.
Honey3 tbsp6448 g. or
2.25 tbsp i.e.
2 tbsp + .75 tsp.
41 g. or
2 tbsp
Skim Milk1.375 cups71
alt Skim Milk Powder5 tbsp3.75 tbsp i.e
3 tbsp +2.25 tsp
3.35 tbsp =
3 tbsp + 1 tsp
alt Water1.375 cups325244218


Based in BLBMC Dakota Bread (p. 119). Named for Pembina, North Dakota, important to Winnipegers. The gateway to Fargo and Grand Forks, and the site of KCND, the first American TV transmitter that reached roof-top antennas in Winnipeg (later purchased by Canadian owners and given a Canadian call sign, CKND and moved north of the border).

IngredientMedium Loaf
Medium Loaf
@ 75%Small @ 2/3
Whole Wheat.5 cups
Whole Wheat.625 cups87655821
White Flour2.25 cups31323521075
Bulgur (dry).25 cups
Bulgur (dry).125 cups2015135
Salt R1.5 tsp
Salt @50%.75 tsp4.33.22.91
raw sunflower seeds.25 cups3 tbsp2.5 tbsp
raw pumpkin seeds chopped.25 cups3 tbsp2.5 tbsp
sesame seeds1.5 tsp1.125 tsp1 tsp
poppy seeds2 tsp1.5 tsp1.25 tsp
Gluten per BLBMC2 tbsp
Yeast per BLBMC2 tsp
Inst. Yeast *7/16 tsp1.
Water R1.25 cups29571

Cornell Bread

This is a BLBMC recipe (p. 161), based on Cornell bread developed  by Clive McCay at Cornell University. The BLBMC bread machine version has been emulated and published on the Web e.g. here. It uses an egg, milk powder and soy flour for protein, and wheat germ for fiber.  A nearly vegetarian scientific health food, 30 years before the vegetarian prescriptions of Diet for a Small Planet.  Not zero gluten.  Bread.

Dr. McCay was a scientist in animal nutrition, with broader interests.   He experimented on mice to prove that bread made with bleached white flour was not as healthy as bread made with unbleached and whole grain flour.  He developed recipes, first published in 1955 in a short book called The Cornell Bread Book. The 1980 edition is still available.  The recipe  was developed during the Great Depression.  Food security was still recognized as an issue in America at that time. Eleanor Roosevelt’s Kitchen, a 2010 article in the New Yorker, looked back at the campaigns by home economists at Cornell to develop and promote economical recipes for American kitchens. The recipe and the concept are represented in counterculture recipes,  and in articles on prepper sites. 

Whole wheat bake cycle. When I depart from the BLBMC recipe, I give the recipe amount in strikeout text and my changed value in italic text in the next line:

IngredientMedium Loaf
Medium Loaf
@ 75%
Small @ 2/3
Whole Wheat1.5 cups20915614048
White Flour1.125 cups15611710536
Soy flour.33 cups40 g.30 g.27 g.
Wheat germ 1.5 tbsp6.5 g.
Milk Powder.25 cups25 g.19 g.17 g.
Flour Total437100
Brown Sugar2 tbsp1.5 tbsp1.3 tbsp or
1 tbsp + 1 tsp
Salt R1.5 tsp
Salt @50%.75 tsp4.3 g.3.2 g.2.9 g.
Gluten1.5 tbsp
Yeast per BLBMC2.5 tsp
Inst. Yeast *1.25 tsp3.5 g.2.6 g.2.3 g.
Canola Oil2 tbsp
Egg (L)157 g.40 g. 11
Honey2 tbsp40 g.8 g.1.5 tbsp1.3 tbsp or
1 tbsp + 1 tsp
Water1.125 cups266190168
Fluid total31423621072

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