• Harris Cyclery and Sheldon Brown.
      A bike shop in Newton, Massachusetts with a wealth of articles about cycling, gear, repairs and maintenance. Many links to more resources. An owner with the right passions.

Writers, Poets, Thinkers, Publishers

Canadian Folk Music

Family and Friends – Blogs

    • The Pod Bay Door
      Randy Reichardt. Librarian, pop culture fan, musician, citizen of the West.
    • Off the Map
      My daugher Claire’s Livejournal log. Read at your peril.
      Steve George. Fencebuilder, father, writer, soccer chauffeur, Web media guy – Web site, cycling logs, Web log – when he feels like it.

Family Pages

    • Lammens Family Calender
      Web page by my cousin Wijnand Lammens. *includes a .pdf document* with birthdays and pictures, including his aunt Rose (my mother) and her husband, his uncle Ron (my father), his cousins, including me, my brothers and sisters and their spouses, my children and my nephews and nieces. Look for me in July, Claire in March and Dave in September.
    • Wijnand and Marjan’s 2004 Trip Photos
      Photos taken by my cousin Wijnand Lammens on his trip, with Marjan in 2004. Wijnand took most of the pictures. Pictures of my parents, brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces. Pictures of me and Claire. Manitoba skies. Winnipeg architecture.

My Other Sites


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