If it isn’t broken…

Movable Type has released version 3.01 which is a bug fix on 3.0D. The notes at MT’s web site said just download and unzip a file which contains upgraded files – no scripts. Just unzip and upload to the server.
Problem 1: which file? The download box gives you two options – full version or “upgrade”. Which one is the bug fix? Is “upgrade” a new set of files for people who installed 3.0 by upgrading from an older version or is it the bug fix for everyone running 3.0? Why is there a full version option on a page for downloading the bug fix??? Then Problem 2 – uploading. Remember the original installation? I have operating files in /cgi-bin/mt/ and I have a separate /mt-static/ container, which is the recommended configuration. Some of the files go to /mt-static/ and some of those files should be ftp’d in binary. There is no documentation in the upgrade zip archive. There is no warning or reminder on the SixApart web site. They assume you know or remember.
On the first try, I managed to overwrite mt.cfg, and loaded everything to /cgi-bin/mt/. I broke my blogging tool. After careful study, I reloaded the 3.01 files into the right containers on the server, and edited mt.cfg repeatedly until the whole thing started working again.
It came back in stages, like my colon coming back from my colostomy. Such great pleasure from such a modest accomplishment. This is not for the faint of heart. I feel like an Internet Red Green – pass me the duct tape, Harold.


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