• Covid-19 #3: 2023, Omicron

    Continuity This Post This post has been updated or republished periodically since January 3, 2023. It was concluded May 6, 2023, when the World Health Organization declared the end of its formal determination that Covid-19 had become a world-wide emergency (Pandemic). It follows earlier posts: Omicron evolved Omicron, Pango lineage B.1.1.529, was discovered in South […]

  • Escape Collective

    Cycling Tips Magazine CyclingTips started as an online magazine (web publication in 2008; commercial web publication in 2013). In my view, CyclingTips was the leading source of information on maintaining and repairing bicyles in 2020, 2021 and 2022. The Nerd Alert podcast was informative. Mergers and Acquisitions Pocket Outdoor Media, the corporate owner of Beta, […]

  • American Republics

    American Republics by Alan Taylor is an accessible book for a broad audience by a professional historian. It addresses the period after the Revolution when the U.S.A. expanded to occupy the midwest, the Great Plains, the Southwest and the Pacific Northwest. The book discusses the issues on which many Americans shared the same attitudes. Americans […]

  • Culture Wars, The Left

    Woke Definitions Woke does not mean “liberal” the way that word has been used in British or American English usage, or progressive. Liberal gradually became a term of criticism by American conservatives. Woke is not a name for an ideology. It is an informal term, almost slang. Woke has become a term used by conservatives […]

  • Hypertension

    Resources Wikipedia Science and Medical: Salt and sodium: Governments USA – re Salt USA – Re Nutrients, Food Components The US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service’s FoodData Central (“USDA FDC”) can search 5 data sets called It may be necessary to repeat searches in each set. The American government does not collect or test […]

  • Covid-19 #2: 2022, Omicron

    Continuity This Post This post was written over a few months from late August 2022 to December 2022, was first published in October, and revised. It follows an earlier post, Covid-19 #1: Covid-19 wanes, Omicron Rises. Omicron evolved Omicron, Pango lineage B.1.1.529, was recognized as a variant of concern of Covid-19 by the WHO in […]

  • 2022 Rides

    My spreadsheet for 2022 is published as a Google Sheet on my Google Drive account. Good year. I rode my Cannondale Topstone. I rode 6095.1 Km. I rode with a hernia. Medical care was slow. I made more notes of maintenance. I started lubricating the drive train with paraffin. The weather in November and December […]

  • Bread Baking, 2022

    Bread Machine Repair Seized up My Zojirushi Virtuoso model BB-PAC20 bread machine stopped working on June 27, 2022. The pan would not even seat on the drive connectors in the machine. One of the drive shafts was seized. The pan was already loaded with unmixed ingredients for a light rye bread. I dumped the ingredients […]

  • Cancel Literature

    How to Read Now Essays None of the essays in How to Read Now (2022) appear to have been previously published in print elsewhere. The author of the book of essays, Elaine Castillo, is the author of the novel America is Not the Heart (2018) 1No Wikipedia entry as of September 2022; for plot summary […]

  • Sodium in Bread

    Sodium Health Bread has some sodium without salt, but the main source of sodium is salt. Humans can taste salt but cannot know how, by taste, much salt is in their food, or how much sodium they are consuming. The reasons that have not been explained by anatomical research on the human sensory organs. (“salt […]

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