Missing Mozilla Firefox

After a few days of using IE again, I am missing features of Firefox. Tabbed browsing was good. I miss the Adblocker which showed the feeds connected to a web page and allowed very fine control. I could block a feed to one ad, or block all feeds from a source by wildcard. I had a problem using it on sites (eg the NY Times) which had several feeds because I had to reopen the tool for each block.

The Microsoft Cookie security and pop-up block (I have that in IE with XP Pro on my system at the office) try to provide simple options at the front end – session cookies, first party cookies, animations, but they don’t identify not specific feeds and they require navigation and fiddling. The Zone Alarm controls on my computer at home are not much better.
I tried Mozilla 1.7.3 in its Windows version. It is faster loading than Firefox but not much. It did load some of the large problematic pages but quite slowly compared to IE. Tabbed browsing is not built it but available as an extension. But after installing Mozilla would always open some 3 default tabs to mozilla.org, Multizilla and Mozilla zine for no apparent reason. There are complex ad/pop-up blockers and cookie blockers, but the control is about the same as the Windows IE control.
Not unlike old versions of Netscape (not surprizing) no advantages over IE and some drawbacks. Into the uninstall and recycle bin —
If Firefox wasn’t so slow on my system …






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  1. Stephen Pierzchala Avatar

    Sorry to hear this. My old PIII/500Mhz laptop is chugging away nicely with the Fox…