The idea that I needed to find another job, and to make a break from practising law in private practice in a small firm has been growing for a while – perhaps for well over a decade. The job market in Winnipeg was not great for an experienced, mature lawyer, and Iast spring and summer I started to apply for government jobs in other provinces.
I applied for a job with the British Columbia Attorney General’s Department, in the Legal Services Branch, in August 2005. I was interviewed in October. I was advised by telephone, just before Christmas, that I have the job. The written appointment came in the first week of the New Year.
I was treated well and I was impressed by the hiring process. I knew about my destination after a few visits over the years, and I liked what I saw on this visit. It was a simple decision, although the process of moving is going to be a struggle. I accepted the job. I have told my family and friends, I have listed my house for sale, and I am preparing to move to Victoria, British Columbia.


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