Early Winter 2004

I read a few mysteries and reviewed them at Blogcritics. “Bad Business” by Robert B. Parker – the latest Spenser, and “The Last Good Day” by Gail Bowen, the latest in the Joanne Kilbourn series. I enjoyed them. “Poisoned Cherries” by Quentin Jardine was trashy. I wrote some music and movie reviews too. Canadian folk singer David Francey, the DVD release of the movie “Coming Home“.

I read some more literary fiction – the second in McMurtry’s Berrybender series “The Wandering Hill” and Thomas Keneally’s “The Office of Innocence“. I think Keneally is wonderful, and I have more of his novels on my reading list – presently reading “The Tyrant’s Novel”.
I couldn’t get interested in “The Lives of the Saints” or Erdrich’s “Antelope Woman” and I left them unfinished.
I started to look at some writing on theology and spirituality – I read theologian Jonathan Sacks – “The Dignity of Difference” and novelist Nevada Barr writing a personal memoir of memory and spirituality called “Seeking Enlightenment, Hat by Hat“. I reviewed them for Blogcritics and I have posted my reviews elsewhere in the blog. I also read A.N. Wilson’s “Paul, The Mind of the Apostle” and George Weigel’s “Letters to a Young Catholic“. I haven’t posted those reviews within this blog yet.
Presently also on the bookshelf – a couple of psychology books about the concept of “flow” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, “Pride and Prejudice”, “Crime and Punishment”.


One response to “Early Winter 2004”

  1. Crime and Punishment! Pride and Prejudice! Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment remains one of my favourite novels, even after 20 years. After reading Pride and Prejudice I read all of Austen. I think the one I like the most is Sense and Sensibility. The script adapted by Emma Thompson and directed by Ang Lee is the movie adaptation I like best. I would like to re-read both of these novels again, soon.