Last weekend, there was packed snow and ice on most roads. The ice between the ruts in my back lane was about 10 inches deep. In the past week, that kind of ice has melted on all the streets. There is still a lot of snow in yards and on boulevards, and most City streets have puddles and wet sections. The cross-country ski season did in fact end with my last ski trip to Bird’s Hill two weeks ago.

We have been riding. I have been out 4 more times, including today, since my Good Friday ride with Steve. On Friday April 1 we all took an afternoon off and drove to Bird’s Hill. Mike and Steve brought cameras although we mainly take scenic shots of ourselves at rest. The paved trail around the lakes has been plowed at some point and had melted, subject to couple of icy spots, which added a new loop – and a gentle one given the twists and turns and the presence of pedestrians and bladers on the narrow trail. I had my road bike out today. We started on Red River drive at the Floodway gate and rode south 11 k into a 25-27 k wind to St. Adolphe, and back. We rode south a second time, as far as the cemetery, adding another 10 k to the ride. I have close to 120 k so far this year, but the longest rides have been 32 k and 35 k. Even the short rides are hard work. I think we are doing well for speed and distance on cool windy days but it will take work to get last year’s form back and more work to improve on it.


One response to “Spring?”

  1. I’m surprised at how hard the cycling feels. We must be pushing ourselves further than last year in terms of pace. Another month and we’ll knock off our a century in an afternoon.