Bike Chains Project

I wrote the 8 posts listed here in 2022 and have been making corrections and some changes after further thoughts. I have followed the progress in the testing work and the theories put forward by Adam Kerin of Zero Friction Cycling. I have decided to make my posts “endless”. I will add notes of new products, new testing, new articles and new videos within the 8 main posts, without changing the apparent date of publication of each post:

  1. Chain Wear
  2. Roller chain – Modern roller chain for bicycles;
  3. Lubrication What is the science?;
  4. Lubricants – What is available? Who is testing lubricants and chains?;
  5. Cleaning – Cleaning a chain lubricated with bicycle drip lube, or with paraffin;
  6. Durability – what chain are on the market and possibly good;
  7. Melted Paraffin Immersion. Hot waxing?;
  8. Learnings for Make Benefit.





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