Bike Chains Project

My project to learn enough about bike chains and lubrication to replace my chain, change my use of lubricants, and maintain my bike better is nearly complete, subject to corrections and second thoughts:

  1. Finding Chain Wear – Introduction; internet research; trustworthy information, some basics of working with chains;
  2. Roller chain – Modern roller chain for bicycles;
  3. Lubrication Science – What is the science?;
  4. Lubricant Prices, Testing, Innovation – What is available? Who is testing lubricants and chains?;
  5. Cleaning – Cleaning a chain whether lubricated with bicycle drip lube, or with paraffin;
  6. Durable Chains -what’s on the market and possibly good;
  7. Melted Paraffin Immersion. Hot waxing?;
  8. Learnings for Make Benefit.





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