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Cajun Recipes

In the course of making a crockpot jambalaya, I wondered if I should add file powder. I searched gumbo file and jambalaya and found the basic definitions and several recipe sites. Both dishes are classified as cajun or creole recipes within Southern US and Caribbean recipe classifications.


Yesterday Mike and I rode through Assiniboine Park and St. Charles. The ground was dry, except for a few places where condensation had formed ice on the road. The temperature was around zero (C) and the wind was about 20, gusting to 30 kph. Not too cold. We had numb toes by the end, but …

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In the woods

I spent the last couple of days with my brother in the woods, hunting deer. We used to go with our dad, but he decided his time had passed a couple of years ago. We drive to Russell, a small community on the Yellowhead highway near the border of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. We stay in …

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Edge of Winter

For about 10 days before Thankgiving, the weather was warm and generally dry. We were still wearing shorts, T-shirts and light shells on most of our rides. During the week before Thanksgiving we rode Tuesday and Wednesday evening, and Friday afternoon. The Friday afternoon ride (October 8) was interesting. We rode to Bird’s Hill, into …

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Active Life

I have set up a new archive category called “Active Life” which will hold posts about health and fitness, with posts about specific activities – cycling, cross-country skiing, hiking, camping, and hunting falling into their own sub-categories. I changed my cycling category “Two Wheels Good” to a subcategory under “Active Life”. I am not sure …

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