Errors in Cookbooks

Lists of mistakes in the kitchen: Kelli Foster, 10 Common Mistakes That Every Cook Makes, 2015-04-15, Kitchn Web article Ann Taylor Pitman and Tim Cebula, Common Cooking Mistakes, CookingLight Web article Such lists usually are written to help the hapless home cook and don’t mention problems with recipes, writers and publishers: Recipes with philosphical or …

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Wheat Flour

The Nafufians, hunter gatherers in Jordan, were making bread with wild cereal 12,500 BCE.  The master formula for ancient bread is to grind dried grain into a paste or flour, add water and yeast, let the stuff ferment, tear it in pieces and cook the pieces on a hot surface. People know how to grind …

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Small Dry Legumes

Lentils and other small dry legumes are usually sold as dry grain, although canned lentils are available. Whole green and brown lentils and split hulled red/pink/salmon lentils grown in the US or Canada are widely available in grocery stores. Other small dry legume may be availabe in stores specializing in selling supplies for South Asian, …

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