First Ride 2005

March 25, snow on the ground, temperature below freezing – the first ride of the season.

It was a sunny day but the temperature was -4 C. There was a southwest wind at about 20 kph, producing a wind chill of -10 for pedestrians. Steve and I drove to Headingley and parked on the service road beside the TransCanada, at the weigh scale. We rode into the wind to the White Horse at the beginning of Highway 26, and rode back with the wind. That’s just under 14 k. We seemed to average about 20 kph. I was chilled at the start, but in the end discovered I was overdressed with insulated snow pants. I should have worn cycling tights over thermal underwear. The road was mainly dry, but there were patches of slush. It was a short and dirty ride but it’s a start. I am out of shape, and glad to be back on the road.
I weighed in today and I am down to 154.5 so I am on track, losing about a pound a week as planned. I have snuck a few donuts and there were some libations on St. Patrick’s Day but I am mainly sticking to a diet without treats and snacks.


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