Web Log Notes

Dynamic Publishing

Another change, after some reading and experimentation. I installed partial dynamic publishing for archive posts this weekend. I had to run at it twice. It involves creating an .htaccess file and installing it on the server, and customizing some lines in it, creating a new directory on the server and changing some settings MT. The …

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Site Tuning

Upon installing MT 3.2, I took the plunge and refreshed the templates, which brought me to the MT default Vicksburg Style. I spend some time with the Site Styles sheet, changing colours to get my old scheme back, and then in the Main Index and Individual Entry Index. I was still writing CSS by trial …

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Upgrade to MT 3.16

My upgrade to MT 3.16 was reasonably smooth, but there were a couple of annoyances, which relate back to the upgrade instructions and documentation. It has some nice improvements in the interface – for instance a more clear listing of categories and subcategories in the category selector field box in author post screens.

Spam Fighting

A few weeks ago Jay Allan, the designer of MT Blacklist posted some suggestions for new plugins to fight spam. I followed up at the time and installed Trackback Moderation. I also went back later and installed MT-Keystrokes. The idea is that it blocks any comment that does not contain a bit of code that …

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Trackback Moderation

Late last week Jay Allen, the designer of MT-Blacklist posted recommending a plug-in called MT-Moderate and some other anti-spam tools. MT-Moderate originally force-moderated comments, which is basically one of the things that MTB does, but it has been redesigned to force-moderate trackback pings too. That was a privacy hole in MTB (and MT) which doesn’t …

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Today I changed the names of many of my top level categories, shuffled and renamed some sub-categories and shuffled a few posts into different sub-categories. I didn’t like some of the category titles, and I wasn’t writing anything new in many categories, so I reindexed the material and changed the index.

MT 3.15

Within a month of the last MT upgrade, another upgrade. This time, to fix a vulnerability in the program. The details are at MT’s site, access through the “powered by Movable Type” link in the side column. Well, I’m getting my money’s worth out of my FTP client. I like the program, I like the …

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