Luctor et Emergo


The Wikipedia entry of the day is Nostradamus! This has a rich personal resonance. When my kids were young my sister-in-law, once known as Sharon Wehner the dancer, now billing herself as Ariole K. Alei, said she believed that she had channelled messages from alien/spiritual presences. She wanted to approach Sting, the Dalai Lama and …

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Canada Post

I went in to get my mail redirected to my house in Victoria when I moved in at the beginning of April. I was told that I could not amend the Change of Address, and that I had to pay for a new redirection. I filled in the new form, changing my address from Home …

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Migrant worker

On Friday March 10, 2006, I arrived in Victoria on the BC Ferry, The Queen of Vancouver. I arrived in Victoria at about 5:30 PM. I didn’t take pictures. I called Claire from the ferry terminal in Vancouver and wish her a happy 21st birthday.