Firefox notes

I have been trying to see which browser functions are slower in Firefox than in Windows IE. Some of the interface with MT seems to be as fast as when I use IE, but some pages are slower in Firefox. Some of the administrative pages that build a list – the comment approval/editing list, or the Blacklist item list – seem to take a long time compared to the same page in IE. But Firefox seems to build an entry list very quickly. WTF?

I think I will have to use IE for MT posting and administration and Firefox for general browsing.
I tried the Firefox FTP extension. It was slow to browse for local files to upload. In fact I think Firefox is generally slow at browsing on the local drive. Firefox FTP would not save or remember FTP sites (possibly I was supposed to bookmark them or something) but the help files are not there and it wasn’t obvious in the main FTP screen. It seems to be a bare bones feature. I already have a good FTP client which runs independently of the browser. No need to waste time on the Firefox client.