Minimalist Blogging

Steve has simplified his blog by writing his own basic CMS. No trackbacks, comments submitted by php mail, no spam. Just content. He makes writing his own CMS sound as easy as installing MT. He could market his CMS to engineers as Nano-blogging. The word minimalism may not register with engineers. His choice to blog lite is appealing when I look at the grief Randy is having with his blogs after he upgraded to MT 3.121. Imperfect CSS, pages not displaying in any browser …

Randy is unhappy because his MT blogs don’t look right in Firefox. This is an issue for him because his excellent professional blog is a tech librarians blog, and techies are switching to Firefox, warts and all. I have viewed that blog in IE and Firefox and I have seen the same problem in IE at certain display resolutions. I think the problem is in his stylesheet. He designed that blog when he was using MT 2.661 and used a stylesheet template designed for the older version of MT.
The administrative side of MT does appear to work in Firebox, although I wouldn’t be surprized if MT released an upgrade to deal with the increasing popularity of the new browser.


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  1. I’m still working on fixing STLQ. BTW, it’s a blog for scitech librarians – big difference between that and tech librarians. Good for Steve, he has the ability to write his own code. If I had the time and inspiration to learn, I could do it too. Not interested right now.
    I notice this in the expanded entry above:
    “Posted in Web Life
    « Snowfall | « Go by Date »| Firefox notes »
    « Registered domain | « Go in Web Life »|”
    I haven’t seen the “| « … »|” feature before. Did that come with your new template? I’ll have to check that site.