July 2005 Blogging

My blogging has slowed down this summer. I have been spending more time cycling and reading, and less time at the keyboard.
The spam situation has improved. There hasn’t been any spam on the blog for a long time. What I mean is that is that the spam attempts also seem to have dropped off. The maintenance on the spam logs was not time consuming, but it was annoying. I run MT Blacklist without getting Blacklist updates. I culled the list to a few dozen strings and a couple of dozen patterns. For a while, the log showed I was getting hits, but it seems to have dried up a few weeks ago. I also run Spamlookup and Keystroke which take care of everything that Blacklist doesn’t block. I think a lot of spam was probably coming from a few sources and they may have just taken me off their lists when they couldn’t get a hit.
Movable Type is beta testing MT 3.2. I am going to wait until they have a stable commercial release, tested to work with the plugins that I use, and then upgrade. I don’t want to move to another platform unless another platform offers clear advantages.


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  1. garth danielson Avatar
    garth danielson

    I don’t seem to get any spam on my blog. Could typepad be keeping it out? I haven’t heard anyone who tried to comment and not being able to.

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