Tag: Food

  • Spoon-Fed

    The book Spoon-Fed by British physician ans writer Tim Spector discusses the diets of people in developed countries. Spoon-Fed puts a great deal of information into a short book. It fails to reconcile some inconsistencies. It discusses a number of “myths” about food and nutrition. A myth is a story that many people have learned […]

  • The Diet Myth

    The title of Tim Spector’s 2015 book The Diet Myth refers to one “myth”. The book begans with an Introduction that discusses the author’s midlife health crisis when his blood pressure rose suddenly, and present an overview of his research into the modern diet. The Introduction identifies the problems of deciding “what is good or […]

  • The Way We Eat Now

    The Way We Eat Now, a 2019 book by British writer Bee Wilson discusses paradoxes of food in the modern world: the success of farmers in growing enough food to feed the world, the inequalities of access to food, and the prevalence of unhealthy eating. Ms. Wilson does not identify herself as a chef, biologist, […]

  • In Defence of Food

    In Defence of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto has received favourable reviews in the LA Times and the Sunday Times (of London), and is a bestseller at this point in time. Michael Pollan is an experienced journalist and writer. He reviews a fair amount of history and science in a short book. He tries to talk […]