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  • Bread, Pizza & Salt

    Pizza is a leavened flatbread, usually leavened with yeast. Like other bread, it is made with salt A pizza made from scratch at a restaurant or at home can have more salt, processed cheese and processed meats than a person should eat. Making pizza dough is similiar to making bread. A pizza crust can be […]

  • Chiles and Chillies

    Chile (Chili) Peppers The chile is the fruit of a plant in the genus capsicum, that grows in Mexico, Central America, and northern South America. Most cultivars produce the alkaloid capsaicin. Most capsicums, including jalapenos, serranos, cayennes and Thai (Bird’s Eye) peppers are “hot”; new spicier cultivars have been developed. Capsaicin is an irritant whnich […]

  • Bread

    Introduction Bread is made by mixing flour and water into a dough, introducing a rising agent (historically, yeast), kneading the dough, and baking the dough. The Bakepedia site describes it: Bread is a combination of flour and water that has been baked. Over the years, its production has become increasingly more complex. Bread is a […]

  • Yeast measurement for bread machines

    Yeast for a Panasonic machine Low salt I had tried, with the machine I had before the Panasonic SD-YD250 bread machine (acquired in 2016), to use less salt than the recipe says. For a reduction of salt by 50%, I followed the rule of thumb of reducing salt and yeast equally by weight. For low […]

  • Nutrition Labels

    Labels Sodium The idea of a low sodium diet is to consume less sodium. Context In the view of corporate executives in the capitalist economy, product labels are part of the narrative of a product – it is space paid for by the manufacturer¬†.¬† Industry likes to control the narrative.¬† Miller Lite, in commercials “tastes […]

  • Cookbooks

    Dietary and culinary theories abounded – and still persist, that salt is adds flavour and should be used in cooking nutritious and tasty food. Salt has been added to food as necessary preservative e.g. ham, sausage, olives, cheese, soy and other sauces. It has become a normal practice to put some salt into any dish, […]

  • Salt

    Open-ended This post is dated 2018. It has been written to be updated. Salt Salt Salt (sodium chloride) is a chemical agent used to cook or process food. Saltiness is regarded as one of 5 main tastes. (Scientists have not, as of 2018, identified a distinctive taste receptor for salt.)  Sodium is an essential nutrient, […]

  • Hypertension

    I had a stroke in January. I was unconscious for a few days, hospitalized for a couple of weeks and off work for a few months. I was hypertensive. I thought I had been cooking healthy i.e. not using more salt than a recipe required etc. My blood pressure dropped with medication during my recovery. […]