After the sexual revolution

A little more light reading. The piece is by Christine Rosen writing at the Claremont Institute’s online Review of Books “What (Most) Women Want“, a book review of “Taking Sex Differences Seriously” by Steven E. Rhoads.
A web piece on a related topic, from The Edge, with streaming media, slides, or text, a nature-nurture debate about women in the sciences in University faculties. The debaters are Steven Pinker and and Elizabeth Spelke.


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  1. Garth Danielson Avatar
    Garth Danielson

    The article by Rosen illustrates a problem I have with lots of feminists, and others who have a “one-view” look at the world. Other people can have an opinion that can be as right for them, based on what they believe in. This is why i have so much of a problem with the Christian fundmentalist types.
    Hell, just the differences in the way men and women look at sex and are designed to function can create a huge rift in a relationship. People have died over drapes. I don’t have any real information but I bet I am not making it up, the law of averages is just to great here. It’s always been a wonder that so many people manage to stay married so long, they must operate at a much lower emotional level than I do.

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