Canada Post

I went in to get my mail redirected to my house in Victoria when I moved in at the beginning of April. I was told that I could not amend the Change of Address, and that I had to pay for a new redirection. I filled in the new form, changing my address from Home Street in Winnipeg to my new address in Victoria. The clerk then checked off my forms as an amendment, but what do I know about their procedures. I knew there was a problem last week when Colleen called and said she was still getting my mail. This week – a full four week later – I got the new forms back with a printout of what seems to be a Canada Post intranet FAQ about amendments. It seems that amendments are possible – and free – before the redirection starts. Once the redirection starts, the customer is supposed to cancel it and purchase a new mail redirection.
I went to the post office and showed the clerk what I had received in the mail. I pointed out that I had paid the fees and given them a day time phone number on the forms. I wondered, if what they wanted, was for me to come in and cancel the first redirection, why my forms had been sent back. I didn’t get an answer. To the credit of the employee at the counter and her supervisor, no one said that this was my fault.
Canada Post doesn’t seem to train its employees in what should be fairly common procedures.