Halloween and after

The leaves are down, there are frequent frosty nights, sunset is about 5:00 PM and it’s dark by 5:30 PM as we have rolled the clocks back from Daylight Savings time. The weather turned cool, with many rainy days after Thanksgiving, which restricted our evening rides. We have managed to keep up one good ride on the weekends, until today. Mike, Steve and I rode to Bird’s Hill last Sunday morning (Halloween), and returned into a stiff cold breeze. Mike and I rode through Woodhaven and St. Charles on Friday afternoon (Nov. 5), so we have managed to ride in every month from March through November this year. Mike had not posted the most recent rides on Bike with Mike when I composed this post due to technical problems with his server but I think he will fix that.
We had planned a ride yesterday afternoon (Nov. 6), but cancelled under the threat of showers and flurries. It’s a cold sunny day today. I would ride, but I am packing for a hunting trip. If it doesn’t snow too much and the temperatures don’t fall too far below the freezing mark, we should manage a few more rides this fall.


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