July Changes

Over the last week or so, I fiddled with the design and content of the Web pages. I think I have it organized properly for now. I have some “about me” information and a links list on the Web pages, and I have links in the blog pointing back to those pages. I have a few ideas for getting some pictures and images, and to dress it up but I am going to try to leave it alone.
I closed my Typepad account which means that the old versions of the Web log will be erased.
I have started to receive comment spam. There hasn’t been much and I erased it. However one post seemed to have come from an automated source and I am concerned about getting more that that, and I took a few steps to make it harder for spammers to post to my site although I haven’t taken all the countermeasures discussed in the comment spam articles at the Elise site.
I made some changes to comment configuration. I have enabled comment registration. Once I approve a commenter, that person can post comments. I will hold and review comments from unregistered commenters which should take out the spam comments.
Don’t hesitate to comment.


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