Yesterday Mike and I rode through Assiniboine Park and St. Charles. The ground was dry, except for a few places where condensation had formed ice on the road. The temperature was around zero (C) and the wind was about 20, gusting to 30 kph. Not too cold. We had numb toes by the end, but otherwise our gear held up to the conditions.

At this point in the year, the trees and bushes are bare and we get glimpes at houses and yards that have been concealed all year. The sun is far in the south, even at its zenith and the light is weak and wintery.
Mike has broken Steve’s distance record from last year. (He hasn’t, as I write, updated his database – computer problems and life in general). This is really the latest in the year that Mike and I have been riding. Steve experimented with winter riding last November and December.
Today dark clouds moved in. There was mist, then drizzle, then light rain and then a few hours of wet snow. Winter.


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