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  • White Teeth

    “White Teeth” was British writer Zadie Smith’s first novel. It was critically acclaimed, it won awards and it was turned into a mini-series on British television. We saw it last winter on PBS – Masterpiece Theater. My daughter Claire was caught by the story and bought the book. In looking up Smith on Google, I […]

  • Chains, Gears and Pedals

    As we reach the end of May, we have only been able to wear shorts 4 times. The temperatures have generally stayed under 10 degrees (Celsius). However, we have been riding steadily. We didn’t ride in the evenings during the week of May 10-14 due to a spring blizzard. I passed on one ride this […]

  • Remembering Sister Jane

    Sister Jane’s drop-in Center, Chez Nous, operated in an old bank building at the corner of Main Street and Higgins Avenue. When Jane was sick, the Center was frequently closed. When Jane died, her friends and supporters on the Board of directors of the non-profit corporation were left with a decision to sell the building, […]

  • More about Sister Jane

    Since I first posted about Sister Jane, I have talked further with her legal personal representative and her family, and reached a point where I can tell more of her story and how her life affected mine. Sister Jane was Jane Mary McDonald, a professed nun in the Order of the Sisters of the Holy […]

  • Starting Over

    Starting Over is a self-help book by Thomas A. Whiteman and Randy Peterson, published by Pinon Press in 2001. I found it at McNally Robinson, a Western Canadian chain of bookstores. Whiteman is real licenced psychologist with a Ph. D. degree from Bryn Mawr, a real university. I don’t take that for granted in the […]

  • Sunscreen

    My friend Stephen Katz offered my some support and advice in a private email message in the form of a quote from the Sunscreen song. I may have heard of it, but I didn’t think I had ever actually heard the song or read the lyrics. The story of the Sunscreen column, the Sunscreen speech […]

  • Five Stages

    During a recent conversation, the question of the stages of grief came up. I wasn’t sure if there were supposed to seven stages or five. The five stages of grief are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance, in the system suggested by the Swiss psychiatrist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, in her 1969 book On Death and Dying. […]

  • Bike Restoration

    Several times last year, I told my friends that I was going to get my road bike back on the road. On Saturday morning, looking at a long ride on pavement to Lockport on Sunday, I decided to go forward with the project. The bike is a Kuwahara Apollo. I bought it around 1979 or […]

  • Teenage gigolos

    N. calls me about once a day. He calls collect from Edmonton and I accept the charges. The number shows up as a local number. It might be a cell phone, but some long distance calls show up as local calls in call display. He called me on Friday morning at work. He knew the […]

  • Save the Mallrat

    N. seems to have arrived in Edmonton. He called me collect this morning and the collect caller notification was from Telus. He wouldn’t give me an address because he said he thought I would send the police. He said a friend had provided some money for the bus but had ditched him in Edmonton before […]

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