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I moved to the house I refer to as location CRD3 in NW Esquimalt in late June, 2023. I started to check distances on the routes I ride often. As there are many ways of adding to a ride, I am concentrating on simple routes.


Most rides involve riding west on Craigflower to Admirals Road, and south on Admirals Road to Hallowell. Distances in Km., recorded on a Garmin GPS cycling computer; elevation in meters above mean sea level:

PointRoad & DirectionWaypointDistanceElevation
1Craigflower WAdmirals Rd.612
2Admirals Rd.Hallowell1.1620
3HallowellTracks (S end
Local CRD3 to E&N trail by bike

At Admirals Road at Hallowell, I can take the E&N trail either:

  • S along Esquimalt Harbour towards the Bridge (and the Galloping Goose trail), or
  • W to the point where the E&N crosses the Island Highway at the Highway 1 interchange and the E&N merges into the Galloping Goose trail.

At the south end of Hallowell, where Hallowell and the E&N trail cross the tracks, I am usually going W.

Rides – Options and routes

More choices are made at the Bridge. I can cross the Bridge across west end of the Victoria Inner harbour and use bike lanes along Wharf or Pandora, or cross Esquimalt Road and merge onto the Galloping Goose trail along Harbour Road, and the cross the Gorge on the Selkirk Trestle.

Another major choice at the Switch Bridge – Galloping Goose (“GG”) or Lochside regional trail (“Lrt”)?

Distances are Garmin GPS, in Km.:

E&N GGLrtRoute WaypointDistance
SCross tracks:
Admirals Rd at Colville
CFB, Graving Dock
SLampson Street 4.05
SEsquimalt Road 5.5
WKm 1 sign; W end
of Harbour Rd
SPandora, DenmanRichmond at Coronation
(Royal Jubilee)
SWSwitch Bridge, N end,
Goose 5 Km sign
(start of Lochside)
SWNFirst gravel, 3 Km post
Don Mann buildings;
rest stop
SWNRoyal Oak
(Lochside School)
SWN9 Km post
Cordova Bay Road
WWE&N, GooseWale Road 7.0
WWGoose, Colwood streets,
Kelly, Jenkins
Starlight Stadium 12.5
WWGlen Lake Rd,
Happy Valley Rd.,
Marwood, Luxton
Goose post 20 Km
SI Rangers






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