2007 Rides

I started this log in April . I missed notes on my rides in January, and my notes on the rides in February and the first half of March are vague.
07-02-25Y20.0Evening ride. Dallas, Foul Bay Road to McNeill, Oak Bay Marina, back on McNeill to Rockland, downtown.
07-03-06Y22.0Evening ride. Dallas, Foul Bay Road to McNeill, Newport, Golf Course, Rockland, downtown.
07-03-11Y30.0Sunday morning. Dallas, Foul Bay Road to Oak Bay, Golf Course, Rockland, downtown.
07-03-14Y22.0Evening ride. Dallas, Foul Bay Road to Cadboro Bay Road, Uplands, Cedar HX, Cedar Hill, Cook, Dallas.
07-03-18Y24.6Sunday morning. Cloudy and looking grim, about 8 degrees. It became sunny later in the day. Downtown, Johnson Street Bridge, Galloping Goose to Glen Lake crossing, return on trail, turning at junction onto Lochside to Quadra, down to Beacon Hill, Dallas.
07-03-21Y24.6Evening ride. Cloudy, light wind. Dallas and Beach to Oak Bay, Lansdown up to Cadboro Bay, Hillside, return down Foul Bay, downtown by Blanshard.
07-03-25Y47.6Sunday morning. Sunny, 9 degrees, windy. Dallas, Prince George, Beach, Caddy Bay, Mount Douglas, Royal Oak, Lochside, Gorge, Hillside, downtown by Blanshard.
07-04-06Y72.2Good Friday. Late morning and afternoon, to Sidney by Uplands, U Vic, Cadboro Bay, Gordon Head, Cordova Bay, Sidney. Caffeine and carbs at Starbucks in Sidney. return by Lochside Trail. Sunny, 20 degrees. Moderate North west wind. My first ride in shorts this year. Worried about aggravating carpal tunnel, I wore a wrist brace for the first 25 or 30 km.
07-04-08Y42.5Sunday, 8:30 AM. Beacon Hill, Cook-Cedar Hill, Royal Oak, Elk Lake Park, Interurban to the Galloping Goose Trail along Douglas, north to the Old Island Highway, then east and south into Esquimalt, along Craigflower, Johnson St. Bridge. Cloudy, humid, 12 C. Brisk south-east wind. The hills on Craigflower were harsh, given my fatigue.
07-04-15Y68.1Sunday, 10:00 am to midafternoon. Sunny turning to mixed cloud, 12 degrees, brisk SE winds. Cook Street & Blenkinsop to Royal Oak. Elk Lake Road, along the lakes on a trail. N. On to Saanichton. Wallace to Brentwood Bay. Wallace, West Saanich Road and Interurban Road. Break Robin's Donuts, Saanichton.
07-04-20Y36.3Evening ride. Scattered cloud, Foul Bay, Cadboro Bay, U Vic, Mount Douglas, back by Blenkinsop, Maplewood, Cook.
07-04-22Y77.9Sunday morning, overcast, patchy cloud, 13 degrees at 10:00 AM. It became sunny and warmer. Wind shifted from east to south east during the day. I started downtown, into Esquimalt, along Craigflower to Helmken, up Interurban to West Saanich, into Elk Lake Park and along the lake. Out of the park, north on Oldfield to Keating Cross, through Central Saanich to McTavish, across to the water, Sidney, back by Mt. Newton Cross Road, Oldfield, Old West Saancih, Royal Oak, Lochside Trail. Pictures at Gorge, Sidney, Blenkinsop Lake.
07-04-22Con'd. Some of the asphalt in Saanich is worn, pebble protruding to 1 cm. Oldfield and Wallace are rough. Keating, East Saanich are smooth. Bike lanes and shoulders have gravel and debris. I notice more glass than last year. The trail by the lakes was wide, pretty good but a few rocks and roots hiding in the shade. On the return, along the Galloping Goose I ran into Randy, Barry and Liz who had cycled from Barry and Liz's house off Royal Oak to go to Victoria's Chinatown for Dim Sum.
07-04-25Y40.0Evening ride. Out to Mt Douglas.
07-05-21Y75.3Sunny, mixed cloud, 15 degrees. Strong east and southeast winds. Out by Dallas, Foul Bay and Cadboro Bay to U Vic, Arbutus and Cordova Bay to Mt Douglas, across Saanich by Royal Oak, to West Saanich Road. Then along West Saanich to Old West Saanich, up the hill and into the valley, throught the farm land by Oldfield, Keating, East Saanich, McTavish, Lochside Drive to Sidney. Coffee at Serious Coffee in Sidney at about 45 k. Back by Lochside Drive, Lochside Trail, Galloping Goose to Johnson Street Bridge and downdown. Bonked on the trail. Leg cramps. Not enough water. I have been out of action with a cold.
07-05-27Y51.2Sunny, mixed cloud, 15 degrees. Windy. Out by Galloping Goose to Veteran's Parkway (Langford) back to Helmken, north on Quadra to West Saanich, and Royal Oak. Across to Lochside and back in to City.
07-06-18Y29.0Sunny, 14 degrees. Strong southeast winds. Out by Dallas, Foul Bay and to U Vic, Finnerty to Arbutus, back by Cordova Bay Road (noted north bound lane torn up for construction from Cordova Village up to Cedar Hill X Road) to Lansdowne, out to Beach, Down to the sea, Hollywood and Dallas.
07-06-19Y28.4Dallas-Hollywood (a stretch of Hollywood just west of Foul Bay has been torn up) Foul Bay etc.
07-06-250.0First dragon boat practice. VCKC LocoMotion team. Practice every Monday and Thursday evening and Saturday morning until the Festivals August 11 and 18.
07-07-03Y34.4Sunny, warm. Basic Foul Bay to McNeill, Beach and Cordova to Mt. D. Noted Hollywood resurfaced, very nice new asphalt. Back by Lochside. (bugsplats on sunglasses in the cuts from McKenzie down to the Gorge, annoyed with clueless bladers).
07-07-1035 degrees today. Stayed home and drank beer
07-07-10Camping at Comox Fairground. Vancouver Island Musicfest
07-07-15KA100.6Cloudy, a little over 20 most of the day. Some sunny breaks. Sunscreen. Saanich-Sidney century. I averaged 22.5 which is about 10 percent better than the GY. I had a few stretches where I was able cruise at 25-27 kph, sometime 30 k on level ground. I have to tune the front shifter so that it doesn't rub when I get into the lowest gears on the back wheel.
07-07-220.0Getting ready for company.
07-07-290.0Rain in the forecast. Worked at home.
07-07-31Y51.1Sunny and warm, 24 degrees. Started as a Mt. D. Run. Went north on Lochside Trail to Michell's Farm at Island View Road (30k), then returned by Lochside to Johnson Street. Victory lap on Belleville and Dallas around the edge of James Bay.
07-08-06KA100.6Sunny. 25 C. Winds from the east and southeast. 15 kph, but 15 -20 knots near the water in the PM. Wind was a factor around the airport, and exposed southward parts – waterfront, ridges. Saanich-Sidney century.
07-08-11Dragon Boat Races at GO Center, Selkirk Water.
07-08-18Victoria Dragon Boat Festival. Victoria Harbour
07-08-20Y32.5New route. Douglas & Quadra north to McKenzie, Lochside Trail into Saanich until I turned around.
07-08-26Y29.9Basic Mt. D, return by Lochside.
07-08-28Y28.9Dallas, around Oak Bay, Lansdowne to Cadboro Bay, Foul Bay, Dallas, circuit of James Bay.
07-09-02Y43.1Cloudy, near 20 C. Humid. Left at 3:30. Supposed to rain, but didn't. New route. Up Cook to Hillside & Gorge Road to Admirals, crossing to the Galloping Goose. N to the Victoria General at Helmken, NE by Wilkinson to the Royal Oak junction. E by Royal Oak to Lochside, back via the trail.
07-09-03Y65.4Cloudy, windy, cool. Some fog patches on the strait. Left at noon. Some light drizzle on the way back, home before the rain got serious. New route. Foul Bay & Richmond out to Cedar Hill X Road, Shelbourne to Mt. D., Royal Oak and Wilkinson to the Victoria General, Galloping Goose out past Langford and the Luxton Rodeo grounds, back by the trail. Side trip into Royal Roads U grounds. Amazing. And coffee at about 45 at Tim's in Langford.
07-09-10Y36.5Sunny, warm evening. Downdown, Lochside, out and back.
07-09-24Y70.6Sunny, 15 degrees; Windy. Lochside to Sidney. Coffee at Serious. Return by Lochside to Royal Oak. Interurban to Tillicum, Gorge Road to Admiral's Road, Esquimalt Road to Johnson Street, Wharf & downtown.
07-10-04*34.8Winnipeg, Evening ride, Harte Trail & Charleswood. *Mike, Steve, Tony
07-10-07*44.1Winnipeg. Bird's Hill Pit. *Mike, Tony

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