2013 Log


13-12-2510.4Elk & Beaver. AM. Light cloud. Some added distance trying to get angle to get photos of birds. GPS was showing the intervals from post to post along the posted trail correctly.
13-12-2110.1Elk & Beaver. AM. Cloud, mist & drizzle. The GPS seemed to add distance at the south end of the lake at the beginning and end of the walk, reasonable intervals. Final distance computed as 10.6, which is not right
13-12-14No walk, in transit from Halifax, all day
13-12-07Flying to Toronto
13-11-3010.1Elk & Beaver. Drizzle, rain. GPS reading after walk from parking lot was 140 m; this seems high. Final GPS distance 10.5, which is high.
13-11-2310.1Elk Beaver. GPS final reading 10.6. (AAWAS on !?)
13-11-1610.1Elk & Beaver. GPS added .5 before I started moving, GPS read almost 10.5 total.
13-11-1110.1Elk & Beaver. GPS added .1 in the first .5 at the south end, and .2 in the last .2 km at the southwest end of the lake. GPS read almost 10.4 total.
13-11-0910.4Elk & Beaver. Reloaded GPS was defaulted to Garmin normal, read 10.9 which is high, even with an extra trip from the parking lot to the lake.
13-11-0310.1Elk & Beaver. Sunny, cool. GPS seemed ok at south east, lost distance on the north and west trails, which are closer to the hills around the lake. Final reading just under 9.9. Went home, downloaded Garmin updates.
13-10-2610.1Elk & Beaver, GPS seemed to lose some distance in the first few km on the south and east. GPS distance recorded 9.9.
13-10-1910.1Elk & Beaver. Sunny, GPS measured 9.6
13-10-1310.1Elk & Beaver
13-09-2110.1Elk & Beaver, misty GPS measured 9.7
13-09-1410.1Elk & Beaver, misty GPS measured 9.8
13-09-0710.1Elk & Beaver, misty GPS measured 9.9
13-08-3110.1Elk & Beaver; distance 10.2? ; MA = 5.5
13-08-2410.1Elk & Beaver; distance 9.9? ; MA = 5.7
13-08-1710.3Elk & Beaver MA = 6.0
13-08-10Edmonton FMF
13-08-0310.1Elk & Beaver. No GPS
13-07-2710.1Elk & Beaver. No GPS
13-07-2010.1Elk & Beaver
13-07-1310.1Elk & Beaver
13-07-0610.1Elk & Beaver. GPS 10.3? A couple of side moves.
13-06-2910.1Elk & Beaver. GPS 10.0? Did not wait to start after resetting.
13-06-2210.1Elk & Beaver. Used WAAS/EGNOS setting on GPS instead of Garmin Normal. Reading 10.1.
13-06-1510.1Elk & Beaver, GPS distance 10.0
13-06-0810.1Elk & Beaver, GPS distance 9.8
13-06-0110.1Elk & Beaver. Cloudy. GPS normal again
13-05-2510.1Elk & Beaver
13-05-247.9Witty’s Lagoon
13-05-1110.1Elk & Beaver. GPS distance 9.9?
13-04-2810.1Elk & Beaver. GPS distance 10.1
13-04-1410.1Elk & Beaver
13-03-2910.1Elk & Beaver. GPS calculated 10.2
13-03-234.6West, Broadway, Kitsilano to St. James Hall
13-03-1610.1Elk & Beaver. Water high – flooded path near outlet bridge. GPS again understating distance.
13-02-2310.1Elk & Beaver
13-02-1610.1Elk & Beaver
13-02-0910.1Elk & Beaver
13-02-0210.1Elk & Beaver. Lakes still high. Bridge closed but paths not flooded. GPS reporting 10.1, normal again. MA 5.8
13-01-1910.1Elk & Beaver. Cloudy. Temp. 0. GPS calculated 9.67 k.
13-01-1210.1Elk & Beaver. Temp. 0. GPS calculated 9.6 k. Water high enough to flood the bridge at the outlet into the Colquitz River.
13-01-0110.1Elk & Beaver. Cloud.






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