A few days of separation

Jan stayed for a couple of days after we gave Claire the divorce news on Wednesday. She moved out on Friday. Claire and I are discussing some of the basics – shopping, cooking, cleaning. This is a new and strange situation but we are trying to live with it.
Jan took one of the desktop computers with her. Claire had been using that for a lot of her writing and online work. I copied or moved all her files and favourites to the other desktop, and Claire has been able to get everything set up and working. We have to negotiate our computer access now.
I have kept up my riding and my time with my friends. My family are concerned and calling to help us me, Claire and n., as much as they can. I have been able to share the news with neighbours and to get some comments on housing issues, and support for staying in the neighbourhood.
N. called Thursday night and complained I had not called him this week. I reminded him that he had been late for our planned time on Monday and that I had told him that I would not be around this week. He was demanding models and things. I knew that his mom had bought him other stuff earlier in the day. I am not in a bidding war for his affection. I reminded him that I had been having a hard week, with other issues, and he hung up on me.
I dropped in onn. on Saturday morning and he gave me hell for dropping in. Since the worker in his room had not answered the phone when I called ahead, I had I had inferred he was having breakfast, and I was right – I found him in the dining room. He went on about how I didn’t listen to him or to his needs. I said I would call and make plans later. He called me Sat. evening and asked me to bring him some things that he already owns, and I can live with that.
Claire and I have been watching movies. We saw Kill Bill, Vol. I on DVD and we are going to catch Kill Bill Vol. II at a matinee today. Dinner is cooking in the crock pot.