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I added a site to my aggregator after finding this Guardian Article through Butterflies and Wheels News.
The site is Arts & Letters Daily. I am enjoying it for all of the reasons mentioned in the Guardian article – and especially for wide interests, good writing and fidelity to logic and reality.


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  1. Good link. I had Arts & letters Daily as my home page for a while, but that must have been on an earlier computer. I’d forgotten all about it. It’s like bumping into an old friend. Thanks.

  2. The site is a service of The Chronicle of Higher Education, which we receive here in print and electronic. Minor problem: the e-access is restricted to the Education bldg only.

  3. Brave Kelso Avatar
    Brave Kelso

    Curious about Randy’s comment about access to Arts & Letters Daily at the U of A. I have full access whether I call the page from my machine at home or at work. I also can reach the main page of Chronicles of Higher Education. I guess there must be a licencing issue about access through a University Intranet.

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