August ’06

I learned a lesson in Victoria living, trying to get into the Interior last Friday before the August long weekend. I had planned to pack Thursday night and get to the ferry early on Friday. One thing led to another. I had to sort through gear to make sure I had what I needed for a few days of hiking. I got to Swartz Bay at 10:50 AM, by which time there was a one sailing delay. I sailed at noon, arriving in Tswassen at 1:40. I thought getting across Vancouver to the TransCanada would be the hard part. The TransCanada was congested from Burnaby out as far as Abbotsford. The traffic would move at 20-30 kph, sometimes coming to complete halt. I think it took about 3 hours to get as far as Abbotsford. The radio news was full of stories about ferry waits, accidents and traffic delays.

The trip through Chilliwack, Hope and Kamloops was quicker. I pulled up at North Thompson River park just south of Clearwater on the Yellowhead.
I have good camping gear. I had Sierra Meteorlite tent, a roomy two-person tent but Jan took that on separation (she has lent or given it to Claire, who has taken it to Montana for her field work). I have an MEC Wanderer, which is too big for one person, and too big for kayak, cycling or backpack camping, so I had to get a new tent this spring. Otherwise, I was good for sleeping bag, Thermarest, Primus Multifuel stove.
I have not camped much since 2002. The new tent went up quickly. I got reacquainted with priming the stove and adjusting the flame while using white gas. It’s a nice little challenge to work that way.
The campground is right on the river, so I was able to get up and watch other early risers casting for trout and watch the sun rise over the mountains.