Steve and I had planned to ski on Thursday December 30 but there were weather warnings. There was sleet by 1:00 PM and a strong winter storm was blowing by 3:00 PM. If we had gone, the road back would have been treacherous.

The snow continued overnight, and there were about 25 cm of fresh powder accumulated by the next morning. The storm officially became a blizzard overnight with low temperatures, high winds and snow. The snow stopped but the wind and cold continued through the day. I shovelled my own walks and then got my 4×4 going and dropped in on my parents. I shovelled them out. My father wanted me to come in for coffee but he said my mother was mad at me. He was protecting me from seeing her dementia. I respected his message.


One response to “Blizzard”

  1. I was aware of a lot of snow in Winnipeg yesterday (also my mother’s birthday, btw), but was not aware it had been classified as a blizzard.
    I will keep your family in my prayers – R