Blog Holiday

I haven’t given’t up the blog. I have spent much of the last few weeks cycling, reading, watching TV, spending time with family and friends. Along the way, I have had some household projects – small repairs and some shopping for kitchen items and minor furniture so that Claire and I can cook for guests and have company.
I also rebuilt a defunct desktop computer at the office as my office computer. Any work that comes home is either FTP’d home or carried in a tiny flash drive – no more lugging the laptop around to edit one set of documents. I moved my old Toshiba laptop home, and moved files around. I am using the laptop in my study as my main computer for text writing, email, and and most of my Web browsing. That means Claire can use the Sony desktop for her purposes pretty much whenever she needs or wants it.
Life moves on. I have not been writing about it. I have been writing a few book and movie reviews for Blogcritics (see the buttons on the sidebar) and this blog has been quiet for a while. That will change as my other projects and commitments have been winding up.


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