n, again

I haven’t finished the story of n’s admission to the hospital last Friday, or the story of his time in the hospital. I will leave that for another day and just skip to the news today (Thursday January 27).


Claire doesn’t get a lot of space in my blog. She’s succeeding in school, learning and growing. It isn’t all rosy. She feels anxiety and stress, but I see her life flourishing. She has been co-writing a play with her friends Caitlin and Jamie, and they applied to produce the play at the 2005 Winnipeg …

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My niece Carly, Frank and Jan’s daughter, has delivered her son, Benjamin David, born January 17, 2005. Carly was my parents’ first grandchild and Benjamin is my parents’s first great-grandchild. Congratulations to Carly and her partner Dave. Congratulations to Frank and Jan, the first grandparents in our generations of our respective families, and to mom …

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Another Year

When I last wrote about n., (Dec. 15) he had gone from trying to show me that he could live at home, back to living on the street, and then back into a hotel placement with CFS. He was able to continue with the TRY program, but it wound up for Christmas. The successful students …

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Extra Snow

It’s back to work this morning. We had decided, before Christmas, to close the office Monday December 27, Friday December 31, Monday January 3. The first stage of the blizzard arrived on December 30 and the city was largely shut down. The city kept major streets and bus routes plowed but there wasn’t much happening …

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Cold Shoulder

When I went to my parents and shovelled them out today, after the blizzard, my father wanted me to come in for coffee but he said my mother was mad at me. While her memory is failing, and while she is becoming delusional (she has advancing vascular dementia) she recalls that I told her, 3 …

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Steve and I had planned to ski on Thursday December 30 but there were weather warnings. There was sleet by 1:00 PM and a strong winter storm was blowing by 3:00 PM. If we had gone, the road back would have been treacherous.


N. went to the youth shelter on Mayfair after the Broken Glass episode, Monday evening, December 6. When a worker at the shelter called me, I asked if he had contacted his mother yet. My question was based on my belief that n. still thought his mother would help him if she thought I was …

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