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  • Bike Chains 1 – Chain Wear & Research

    Finding Chain Wear In April 2021, I thought had less than 2,000 Km on the KMC X11 (11 speed) chain on my Cannondale Topstone gravel bike since purchasing the bike in August 2019. Actually, when I did the math, it was over 4,000. I was not clear on the industry standard for 11 speed chain […]

  • Cycling in 2021

    Active outdoors through another year of the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020-21 I was busy moving in the early months of 2021. I retired effective April. I rode through the heat dome in the summer by riding early in the day. I was able to ride into the fall and winter by finding dry days or […]

  • All kinds of Bikes; Wider tires

    All Kinds The modern safety bicycle was first manufactured and sold at the end of the 19th century. Most sources recognize John Kemp Starley, the manufacturer of the Rover bicyles in the late 1880s as the inventor. The Engineering Sport website provides a concise overview of the evolution of the bicycle. Earlier in the late […]

  • Pedals

    Replacement My old pedals were worn and had been damaged by corrosion after an incident in storage last winter Platform or Clipless Bike pedals have been flat (platform) pedals since safety bicycles began to be made and sold. Many bikes are sold with flat pedals, which riders will replace. Bikeradar did a large survey or […]

  • Tubeless Ready Tires

    A new feature and new experience This started with discovering the difficulties of dismounting tubeless ready tires from my gravel bike in the fall of 2019 and the spring of 2020. Changing a tire is not supposed to be a job requiring shop time. Tires,in principle, can be repaired and replaced by a user. Clinchers […]

  • Topstone 105 – Wheels, Tires, Fenders

    Clinchers; Tubes and Tubeless In the early 21st century, the most common bicycle tires are pneumatic clincher or bead clincher tires. The tire has a bead, formerly made of metal wire. Modern tires are manufactured with material that can rebound into a circle after being folded for packaging and shipment. The tire contains an inner […]

  • 2020 Rides

    Active outdoors through the first waves of Covid-19 epidemic.

  • Cycling computers, GPS, 2020

    Original or classic cyclometers measure and display distance, time and speed. The monochrome displays were visible even in bright sunlight and under low light conditions. The devices could be powered by button cell batteries. These units had (or if in use, have) a magnet that clips onto a spoke which rotates the magnet past a […]

  • My Gravel Bike

    Cannondale Topstone 105 My Cannondale Topstone 105 Alloy is a gravel bike by Cannondale, a subsidiary or brand of the Canadian conglomerate Dorel Industries, manufactured in Taiwan. The frame is an aluminium alloy. This is what it looks like This Cannondale model is named for the Shimano 105 groupset which is marketed by Shimano as […]

  • A New Bike

    Variety I shopped for a new bike last summer (2019). The literature of cycling and bicycle manufacturing is vast. The Guardian published a survey and list of printed works in 2016. Some books and resources address innovation and engineering: David Herlihy’s Bicycle: The History; Article – The History of the bicycle (2012) at; The […]