Two Wheels Good

A New Bike

Variety I shopped for a new bike last summer (2019). The literature of cycling and bicycle manufacturing is vast. The Guardian published a survey and list of printed works in 2016. Some books and resources address innovation and engineering: Many books are about competitive events – or the special bikes used in competition. Racing on …

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2019 Rides

I rode the Trek FX4 January to August. I bought a Cannondale Topstone gravel bike in August, and it became my main bike. I bought a Garmin Edge 130 GPS unit/computer and began to track the cumulative elevation gained during a ride and average speed (moving), as well as distance and time. My total distance …

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2014 Log

I managed a number of rides in 2014, May to August, including rides in Winnipeg on my trip in July. My logged distance was 426.4 Km. I did my weekly walks on the trails around Elk and Beaver lakes most weeks. My logged distance was 356.9 Km.

2013 Log

I did not ride in 2013. I walked in the trails around the Elk and Beaver lakes weekly, except in August when I drove to Edmonton for that folk festival and in December when I had a trip east. My logged distance, on the regular walks, was 417.3 Km.

2012 Log

I continued my routine of walks and hikes in the park around Elk and Beaver lakes in 2012. I did not consistently enter distances in a log, and missed recording some walks I paddled (or steered) dragon boat at VCKC, April to August. I rode from April to June, and one short ride in December. …

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