Easter 2005

Steve, Mike and I rode on Sunday at Bird’s Hill, as we did on the last Sunday in March last year. Steve has notes and pictures in his cycling log entry for March 27. Mike has a picture in his blog entry. He has to add a table and some code (with Steve’s tech support) to fire up his cycling log for 2005.

Last year it was cloudy with a strong west wind. This year was sunny. The wind was from the SSW and the weather reports say it was in the metric high 20’s in the early afternoon when we were riding, dropping to the low 20’s later on. Last year the snow was almost gone, although there was still a lot of ice in gutters in the city making for generally wet and dirty conditions. This year, there is still a lot of snow on the ground.
The weather for the next few days is supposed to be cloudy, with some rain, temperatures above freezing during the days. There is daylight until 7:15 or later. The switch to daylight savings time is next weekend. I don’t expect to be able to ride in the City this week but this weather should favour steady melting and we may have dry roads by next weekend.


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