First Rides in Victoria

It’s Sunday night. I arrived in Victoria Friday night and I have managed to clean up my bike and to ride Saturday and today. The weather was good – sunny and 10 degrees. I didn’t find my odometer/computer yesterday, and I didn’t get a precise record of my distance. I found it today and to my relief it worked after the sending unit and wires had been exposed to wind and spray for 2,500 kilometers.

Yesterday I got caught up in projects like changing my cell phone and finding an extended stay suite. I went shopping for things to clean the bike – after some nasty slush on the way. I didn’t get away until around 3:00 and I paused to take photos. In the process I did not track down the cycle computer.
The cleanup was nasty. I got a cheap toilet bowl brush and some mechanic’s wipes (blue heavy duty paper towel) at Walmart. The toilet bowl brush was good option for scrubbing grime off the frame and wheels. The wipes hold up better than paper towel, especially for wiping dirt, chain cleaner, water and excess lube off a moving chain. Cheap and easy. The road gunk seems to have coated exposed cables, which made the first few gear shifts tricky. Overall, the bike did well but I may have to get into the axles soon. The main road effects, apart from dirt, were due to my own carelessness. There is a spot on the front wheel rim that was rubbed by the metal hook on a bungie cord, which rubbed a small dished spot that makes a noise when I apply the brakes.
Yesterday I went from the hotel down Gorge Road (East) and onto the Galloping Goose trail. I crossed the trestle across the Selkirk Water and into Esquimalt, The Trestle is about 300 meters long. View of Trestle from Esquimalt side:
Selkirk Trestle
… and down to the Johnson Street Bridge. I took a snap of the Legislature across the Inner Harbour from the bridge:Inner Harbour & Legislature
Then I went back, and along the Galloping Goose until it crossed Douglas and branches. I took the fork onto the Lochside Trail into Saanich. I stopped and turned back at Mackenzie. The first section, Gorge Road to the Johnson Street Bridge would have been about 3 k each way. The other section from Gorge Road north to Mackenzie would be about 3.5 k each way, so a reasonable estimate is around 13 k.
Today I skipped the trestle and the Esquimalt section. I went north and east on the Goose/Lochside up into Saanich as far as Island View Road. Some rural distance, some gravel. A little up and down, but mainly flat. I took it easy, distance 36.3 k, average 17.4, high 30. I could have taken pictures but I kept rolling. At one point the trail went by a farm with chickens, sheep and pigs. The trail was busy – some family groups, some Sunday drivers, a few tandems, a few recumbents, a few spandex warriors. Nice day. But no new pictures.


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  1. Zosma Zack Avatar
    Zosma Zack

    Man, that looks nice. Not that I’d want to live there. Global warming gives me hope.

  2. Mike N. Avatar
    Mike N.

    It’s damned cold here. And there’s ice. And wind chill. You’ve got spring, and it’s even sunny. Lucky bugger.

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