Staying connected

N. came to my house Wednesday evening August 25. We had dinner and watched some episodes of Clerks on DVD. He went into his room and got some clothes. He took some accessories from his old Gameboy to use with a Colour Gameboy that he picked up somewhere. He took some Ramen noodles and Lipton soup packets. He did wander around a bit, which made me nervous because he has used other visits to the house to help himself. I thought the visit went well. I told him I needed to know when and where to pick him up on Thursday for Court. He said he was not going back to the hotel and he wanted me to pick him up and get him to Court.

I picked him up Thursday morning and took him to Court. I sat with him as he waited for his case to be called, which seemed to help the judge decide to give n. one more chance to get the charges dismissed by participating in mediation. After Court he said he was going back to the apartment. It was a rainy day and he was wearing his fleece hoody. I had his waterproof jacket in my car but he would not take it.
He called me in the evening and said he needed food and the food bank was closed. I said I thought I had given him some food from the house yesterday and wondered what he had done during the day about getting food. I asked if he had bus tickets to get back to the motel where he could get a meal and he said he did. I said I wasn’t going to be taking care of his meals every day when he was not using the resources he had. He wasn’t happy.


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