Comedian Emo Phillips, writing in the Guardian Online, takes credit here for a joke voted the funniest religious joke of all time at the Ship of Fools. There are several other religious jokes in the story. Under modern British law, and under the law in many European countries, I suppose Phillips is on shaky ground telling religious jokes – if someone’s feelings get hurt, he might be charged with a hate crime.
A less risible approach to religious tolerance in an essay by Stuart Jeffries on religious tolerance, also from the Guardian Online, here. This essay takes a point made by Jurgen Habermas at a public lecture last year. The point is founded in his theories of civil society and the Public Sphere. AL Daily had a link to an article on Habemas in The Chronicle of Higher Education – but it has expired and now all you get is a stub article and an invitation to subscribe.
A different approach to tolerance again – Christian (American fundamentalist style) tolerance for secular culture in colleges and Universities – an essay called Faith Camp in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Read it now – I think this is a temporary link.


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