Sentimental, gullible, mistaken, pro-life, animal rights? What to make of the Liverpudlians who left flowers for a dead foetus for days after the police had announced it was only a chicken? Story from Liverpool Daily Post.


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  1. Garth Danielson Avatar
    Garth Danielson

    This sort of thing bugs me. Some people are so unaware. Yesterday I mentioned to Gene here in our department that Harriet Miers was withdrawing her Supreme Court nomination and he did not know who she was, at least by her name. But, then again he is always getting things he reads wrong. He sees it but can’t process it. What are we going to do with the dope’s? I think it’s time to get swindling. Large scale cons aimed at the ignorant and poorly educated should be able to net a large income. It’s working in other places, although the Big Scam in DC isn’t doing too well of late. The swindling would only be good if I could be sure of getting far enough away and not getting caught. Unfortunately for the up and coming criminal, John Law often has some great new criminal catching equipment. At least on tv.

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