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Canadian Living Magazine just had a special issue of slow cooker recipes. Canadian Living is a regular monthly publication with recipes, and articles on cooking, decorating and the domestic arts. I usually ignore the regular issues, although I guess it would be ok for a middle-aged metrosexual to browse. Canadian Living also publishes several cookbook specials every year. The cover on this one advertised that it had 135 slow cooker recipes, and tips and tricks, and when I flipped through it, there were several interesting recipes.

It isn’t a complete cookbook, although it does cover many of the basics. I guess it is aimed at people who already own a few cookbooks and are looking for some new ideas. I think they have probably done a Slow Cooker special a few times before. Many of the recipes sound interesting – perhaps a little too creative. But they manage to cover a number of ways to cook several different kinds of meats, alone or in soups and stews, and all the major food groups. It didn’t have that many stews and chilis, but there were a few. It is a good complement to my other slow cooker cookbooks, and that’s all I can expect for five bucks.


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  1. Mike N. Avatar
    Mike N.

    With 135 recipes, that could last you a year. And then the new issue would be out. If it’s an annual, that is. What a bonanza. Any curries?

  2. I always enjoyed using my crockpot to make chicken. I should check out the issue you mention. Does it include the mandatory low-fat low-carb recipes?

  3. Brave Kelso Avatar
    Brave Kelso

    Randy, there are about 20 recipes for chicken, and a few for other poultry. None of the recipes are specifically identified for low fat or low carb, but each recipe has information about the number of servings and nutritional details about fat, carbs and sodium per serving. That is, by the way, useful information and not routinely attached to recipes in other magazines and books.
    Mike, only about 3 curries, and two of the three are Thai green curries instead of Indian curries. I don’t have anything against Thai cooking, but it is trendy and I don’t do trendy. The recipes call for off the shelf “Thai” green curry paste and I’m not sure I want to add that to my arsenal. I like cooking with cumin and coriander, and Indonesian rijstafel dishes. But if you are hinting that I should host the next ex-DWF curry feast, let’s talk …