Moving Day – Actual

The move was rescheduled, and the movers came on Friday March 3, 2006. The house was packed. I had set aside things to bring with me in the car – some cooking utensils, some plates and bowls to be able to start housekeeping in Victoria, a couple of suits, a supply of clean shirts, some casual clothes. I had set aside one bike, supplies for bike maintenance, helmet, shoes etc to be able to start cycling on arrival.

I had set aside some things for neighbours or for the buyers, including some shovels that I won’t need in Victoria. One of the movers grabbed a few of those things for himself – I saw him but I don’t think I can do anything about it. The moving company started to harass me to send them a copy of the inventory that the crew chief had taken. He lost his. I have no doubt that they stopped in a bar to sell the stuff he grabbed for himself – hopefully nothing else from my load. I had the carbons and I faxed them on Sunday, with a note about the pilfering. They were calling me on the hour. I don’t expect to hear from them about my complaints though. Funny how that works.
I also set aside a sleeping bag and some camping mattresses as emergency travel gear. The forecasts began to display winter storm warnings, and the storm arrived Sunday. I wasn’t ready to leave – still more loose ends at the office. (I had a cleaning crew wash the floors on Saturday, after the movers had taken the furniture).
I slept in a sleeping bag Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. I didn’t have TV anymore – I had kept my laptop and I had kept the MTS TV box (which incorporated a high speed modem) to have access to the Web and to be able to email some files from the office.
The snow has ended, and the roads are supposed to be good outside of Winnipeg, so I am going to pack the car and leave today.