Moving Day – Planned

Blog entries have been scarce since the New Year.
I have listed and sold my house, which involved a thorough cleaning and staying out of the way as the purchasers visited with their agents. I have moved Claire into her first apartment.
I have been packing and getting ready to move. The movers will pick up my stuff, if all goes according to the last plan, next Tuesday February 28. I have had a few valedictory dinners. I have refused to have any functions at work. Complicated story. No time, mixed feelings.
As I am leaving, I am hearing stories that the Province needs to hire many lawyers to fill vacancies in Criminal Prosecutions and to staff Legal Aid offices. Private law firms are complaining they can’t get the people they want. What’s wrong with legal profession in Manitoba? Greedy, cheap, smug, oblivious and headed for more trouble.
I will have to review these processes after I get to Victoria. I may not post any entries until early March, after I arrive.


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