Suddenly Spring ’05

A week of temperatures near the 10 degree mark melted much of the snow cover last week. This week we have had daytime temperatures of 13.5 on Tuesday (April 5) and 16 on Wednesday, and the snow and the melt puddles are disappearing. The street are gritty with the winter’s sand but some main streets have been swept.

The run-off is hitting the rivers, which are rising. Ice jams cause the rivers to back up and flood, and the newspapers have stories and photos every day. That’s a rural issue. Winnipeg is fine although some properties on the Assiniboine in Fort Rouge may be affected. The Floodway went into operation on Tuesday and that’s keeping the river level safe in the City. The situation seems fine but there is rain in the forecast and heavy rain now would not be good.
Meanwhile, with warm weather and drier roads, the first evening ride of the season was Tuesday. Mike and I rode down Burnell and Clifton to the old dump and rode the hill and then rode back to Steve’s house. The three of us went by Silver Avenue and Bruce Avenue to the Grace Hospital and admired the full flood of Sturgeon Creek over the dam at Grant’s Mill. That was close to 29 k for the evening.


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