My friend Stephen Katz offered my some support and advice in a private email message in the form of a quote from the Sunscreen song. I may have heard of it, but I didn’t think I had ever actually heard the song or read the lyrics.
The story of the Sunscreen column, the Sunscreen speech and the the Sunscreen song is interesting. It started as a newspaper column by Mary Schmich, written and published in Chicago June 1, 1997. It was titled “ADVICE, LIKE YOUTH, PROBABLY JUST WASTED ON THE YOUNG”. It began to circulate on the Interet, but it was generally misattributed as speech by Kurt Vonnegut, to the graduates of MIT. It was turned into a 1999 hit song by Baz Luhrman.
I found the text of the column, and Luhrman’s musical version.
It’s cute and funny, and wise and sad.


One response to “Sunscreen”

  1. Had seen that before, years ago, and loved it at the time. Great stuff, good to see it again, thanks for posting it.