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  • Culture Wars, The Left

    Woke Definitions Woke does not mean “liberal” the way that word has been used in British or American English usage, or progressive. Liberal gradually became a term of criticism by American conservatives. Woke is not a name for an ideology. It is an informal term, almost slang. Woke has become a term used by conservatives […]

  • Cancel Literature

    How to Read Now Essays None of the essays in How to Read Now (2022) appear to have been previously published in print elsewhere. The author of the book of essays, Elaine Castillo, is the author of the novel America is Not the Heart (2018) 1No Wikipedia entry as of September 2022; for plot summary […]

  • Is NPR Woke?

    In William Deresiewicz’s article in the online service UnHerd March 8, 2022 “Escaping American tribalism” he says that he started to listen to contrarian podcasts including Meghan Daum’s The Unspeakable in 2021, when he thought that American National Public Radio (“NPR”) has become partisan, on the “woke” side of the cultural divide: “Moral clarity” became […]