Talking Back to the Hand

Denis Dutton, the editor of Arts & Letters Daily likes Roger Sandall, who publishes essays online at a site or sites called The Culture Cult and Spiked.
His most recent essay is called “See Here, Ms Truss, The Civility of Archaic Man”. (The dateline at the end says January 2005, which is wrong – the essay mentions Peter Jackson’s King Kong). He mentions the latest book by Lynne Truss, Talk to the Hand: the Utter Bloody Rudeness of Everyday Life and by Theodore Dalrymple, Our Culture, What’s Left of It.
His subject is culture – the cultural restraints on individuals in primitive culture, the failures of decadent primitive cultures, the modern Western myth that primitive cultures were personally and sexually liberated, and their members fulfilled and happy. Nice writing, interesting arguments from cultural anthropology.


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