I learned how to create thumbnail links to the photos in my Gallery site. I loaded the photos that I had used in this blog into the Gallery, and then edited the articles, replacing the photos with links to the Gallery versions. This works better. The blog loads faster, the pictures are visible in the blog, and then scale up to 2 viewable sizes. The Gallery program is nicely supported collaborative freeware. I upload the full image file to Gallery, and let Gallery create thumbnails and two prints. Gallery can process several images on one upload, and then I just past the links into a block of text. I have a couple of old stories left, but the process is largely done. I have started to shoot more pictures and to load them to my Gallery.
Update: June, 2010. Administering Gallery turned into a chore. With the upgrades this year MT got better for saving and managing photos and other “assets”. It now has a convenient way way of uploading and saving images and other “asset” files. It makes thumbnails to embed into entries. I started to remove the links to my Gallery installation and install the images in this blog, with a view to deleting the Gallery database and removing the installation.